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Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Cousin Tina's BC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tina had been transitioning for over a year, and this weekend she went to Devachan in NY, and cut off the remaining relaxed ends!!!!!!!!!! She's not crazy about this cut,but I think her curls look really silky and lush! I love this look on her! I need to find out what products she's using, because her curls look sooo touchable and soft!

One cousin down... 2 sisters, my mom,and another cousin to go! LOL


ChocolateOrchid said...

Pretty curls!

Tina said...

LOL! Tammy ain't nevah giving up the creamy crack! I have henna packed in my hair right now! Gotta get those hairs fed and growing now that I'm sporting short!

NicCole said...

Uh, I know you don't think you're gonna be able to talk me in to that? I don't have the patience - stretching was hard enough! Nice try though :)

Love...your other cousin ;)

NicCole said...

I know you don't think you're getting me! LOL - I don't have enough patience for that ma'am! Stretching a few extra weeks is about as far as I go!