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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Hair Today...

Good morning Coily Girls!!

Okay, so I found another natural hair place not too far away from where I live. This place is called "Nnobis Natural Nack." From what I could tell on the outside, it doesn't look as nice as Brownstone. It's kind of "in the hood", and it doesn't have that modern look and inviting colors that Brownstone has. Maybe I'm weird, but I like for a salon to be kind of "fly" appearance-wise. Brownstone is the only place I know of in Philly that looks like that. (We don't have a lot of natural hair places !) Philly is truly a "perm city." In contrast, Baltimore is FULL OF NATURAL SISTAS!! OMG... I loved seeing all the variety of styles and the availability of natural hair products there!!!

I still get strange looks when I'm walking around Philly. Sometimes I get an occasional compliment. I still don't see what is so "crazy" or "profound" about my hair that they feel the need to stare that way. I must admit, before I went natural, I used to stare at girls with natural hair too, but it was because I liked their look, and wanted to be natural myself. I have NO IDEA what THEIR looks mean!! LOL


ChocolateOrchid said...

Hi Luvbenet. I am suprised to hear that Philly is more of a "perm" town. I guess I envisioned the upper East side of the U.S. as more progressive. Especially being close to D.C. (Chocolate City).
What's really going on in Philly? Maybe you should start a meetup group there?

bacalove said...

South Street in Philly has a number of natural salons from 15th to Front Street that do really good hair. Philly is beginning to come along into the natural world, finally. Whole Foods sells natural products and some other natural stores. I live in Philly and am beginning to go natural. We are slow in Philly but we finally Get it after awhile.

svrbrownsuga said...

hey gurlie! for undergrad I went to school in philly and I liked the natural hair scene there. which is part of the reason why I decided to grow out my relaxer :D

K. said...

I think this is less of a perm city than any other city outside nyc. There's definitely a natural hair scene w/ a lot of women locking or just wearing fros, twists, etc. Then there's a "pressed hair" scene of women who don't relax their hair but get it pressed often or wear braids/weave a lot.