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Monday, June 22, 2009

Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why am I smiling? Tomorrow is the last day of school!!!!!!!!! (with my students, anyway!) Today, only 15 kids came! (Out of 33.)

Today, I'm just cleaning my my room and packing things up for the summer. Of course, I'm teaching summer school, but I have about a week vacation before that starts! I'm giving my class a FIESTA today with icecream cake, hotdogs, chips, and soda. They worked hard this year, and most of them are reading at least 2 levels ABOVE grade level. This was a smart group of kids. I hate to see them go, because WHO KNOWS what I might get next year!

My hair was a wash and go from yesterday that was still wet last night. Rather than sleep on it and wake up with a knotty mess, I twisted my hair and then untwisted it this morning. I like it.

Have a GREAT DAY, Coily Girls!

I am always "stretching" my hair to see the length. I'm still amazed at how fast your hair can grow when you're not relaxing it. Hard to believe I cut all my hair 2 years ago, and it's longer now than it was before I cut it.

I'm trying to show you my hair color. Can you see how it's black at the roots? I'm still on the fence on whether or not I'll be honey blond or black this summer. I'm really leaning towards keeping it lighter, but it's such WORK! Not to mention, I have some gray strands I really want to cover. I'm not ready to show my age yet! LOL

So, what do you think? Should I stay light or go DARK??

This summer is going to be all about experimenting with different products. I have never tried Miss Jessie's, although I'm not sure I want to get addicted to it, since it costs a fortune. I'm really looking for something that makes my curls pop and keeps them moisturized with as little work as possible. I am not trying to spend a lot of time on my hair this summer.
Pretty much I know that Kinky Curly is a "no-go" for me. I have never figured out how much of the detangler and gel to use, so I give up!! Besides that, it's VERY HARSH and drying.
By the way, I purchased a hair oil that I'm really feeling from Savannah Essentials. They also sell shea soaps, gels, shampoo bars, lotions, scrubs, and shea baby products as well. This stuff smells good. I bought the "Blessed" scented oil. The website is:
You can also call 866-455-soap.


Lady Q said...

i like the light hair.

ChocolateOrchid said...

So lovin' the hair color. I'm definitely a fan of color although the most color I have is henna'd gray strands which are a deep reddish, auburnish color. I'm sure it's work but I love your hair color.

I'm also feelin' that dress (or is it a top) you have on. If you don't mind, where'd you cop that from?...

I enjoy Miss Jessie's Curly meringue. I've used it on wash-n-go's and currently my twist/twist-outs. Aside from the price, I like it b/c I count on it to beat the frizzies in high humidity. The product definitely does what it says it will do. I'm looking for something w/less build-up so I'll be trying Curl Junkie aloe fix and CJ Assurance leave-in conditioner. I should be getting it tomorrow. Woo-hoo!!

It's funny you mention KC products being a "no-go" for you. I used to use it and then all of a sudden it sucks on my hair. Talk about making my hair feel like straw. I ended giving mine away to a family member who's enjoying. Glad it worked out for someone.

Thanks for the heads-up on Savannah Essentials. Just feed my inner product junkie.

Luvbenet-- said...

Hi Lady Q and Chocoloate Orchid! Thanks for the hair compliments.

C.O.-- I got the dress at Arden B, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe or some store like that.I got it last year, and I'm sure it cost no more than $30.

bacalove said...

Hello: I am part Jamacain and very dark and have extremely Knappy Hair, and Miss Jessie's really defines my curls, with shine and a nice texture. Best product so far. Curly Buttercrean which can be mixed with shea butter or something less to strech it.

curlybean said...

I just love the curl definition in your hair. Is that a fresh two strand twist? I can never get my ends to look good like yours. They always frizz...HELP?