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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Big Chop Videos...

Good morning! As always, I'm up at the crack of dawn.... before the birds!!! I'll regret this tomorrow, I'm sure! There's something about a bright, sunny day that propels me out of bed! LOL

Anyway, in honor of Spring, and all things NEW.... some BC videos to help those that are on the fence!!! Let those scraggly, relaxed ends GO and experience TRUE FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!

As for my OWN hair, it's looking a mess. I'll probably wash it and put it in a slicked-back curly puff. I like a nice, DRY puff too... but today, I think I'll slick it back with my IC gel. I use a bra strap for my puffs, and then a ponytail holder over that.

Have a great day, Coily Girls!!

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