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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So... I contemplated doing the You-tube video thing, but decided I was much too lazy to keep that up!LOL Here are some of the videos I made which I never ended up using! Not very informative, but ok shots of my hair on what I think are pretty good days! lol

I was supposed to show the completed twists when I was all done, and I forgot! LOL Clearly, I am not cut out for You-Tube!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Meet Coily Girl Jacqueline! She sent in some pics of her natural hair journey! Check 'em out....

Relaxed hair

Right after her BC

Twist-out done on hair stretched in previous twist-out and pinned into side bun
Flat twist-out unraveled damp for more volume
Strand twists (mini-twists that she wears) pinned into bob, with loose flat twists in front

Wash and go Bun
Strand twists put into updo with goddess headband

Thanks Jacqueline!!! I've got to find one of those goddess headbands!!!!! :) Best of luck to you in law school!

Check out this video from one of my favorite singers, Cherokee!!!! She hasn' t had an album out in years, but I always liked her vibe. She's also one of my very first hair idols!!! I loved her hair when I had a relaxer and even MORE now that I'm natural!
Chippy D has NATURAL HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! Would you look at that? For those who don't know, this is Larry Fishburne's daughter Montana who has just became the latest PORN sensation!!!! Such a shame, she's a really cute girl. Hopefully, she comes to her senses.

I love her hair, though.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pic of my just-washed hair which has not been stretched down to its actual length yet!!I HATE my hair the day after I wash it!! The difference between day one and day two/three is like night and day lengthwise!!

This is Day 2. you can see it's stretching downward a little and starting to touch my shoulder, but I'm still not feelin it yet.....

I still have a lot of frizz going on, but that could be weather related!! Ugh... hated my hair today, so I ended up doing THIS.....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Coily Girl Marsha Ambrosius looks FANTASTIC!!!! Loving her hair in this pic, and looking forward to the new album!!



Keshia is actually one of my little sister's best friends!!! I was so excited for her when she finally did her BC!!! I had the feeling she was going to go natural, because she was showing an interest in it after I did MY BC!!!! When somebody close to you BC's, it DOES make it a little easier to go through with it!! LOL Now I hope Keshia can influence my sister!!

Anyway, read on to find out how she cares for her coils..........

1. Your current products/routine:

In the morning I use a water bottle, and I spray my hair and then I use Miss Jessie's Baby Butter Cream. It's my daily moisturizer. Then I either use World of Curls Curl Activator or Miss Jessie Quick Curl. Sometimes I don't use those two things and just use the Miss Jessie's Baby Butter Cream.
I wash my hair two times a week. I use Baking soda and water and then Apple Cider Vinegar and water. Followed by Trader Joe's Nourish Spa conditioner. When I want to deep condition my hair, I use Shea butter, Oliver Oil, Coconut Oil and set under the hair dryer for 10 minutes, which I do once a month.

2. Do you/ or will you straighten your hair? What precautions do you/ or will you take?

I'll probably straighten my hair for my girlfriend's wedding which I'm in in November. I really didn't want to straighten it until I'm at one year natural on 22nd of January. I don't think I would straighten it often because I don't want it to mess up and not be able to convert back to its natural state.

3. Your hair length goal:

I want to grow my hair down my back like it used to be, but all natural.

4. Why did you decide to go natural?
The are so many reasons why I decided to go natural. One of the main reasons was that I wanted to change something about me since I was turning 30. I decided that it was going to be my hair. I got tired of going to get my hair done every other week and sitting in the shop for hours at a time. I wanted to get a new look that really defines who I am as a person. So... April 2009 was the beginning of the transition phase. Once I was able to get kinky twists, I started!! I would cut out the relaxed hair in between each set of kinky twists. So January 22nd, 2010 was the day I became free!!

5. Reaction of friends/family when you first bc'ed.

My family was so shocked that I cut all my long hair off. My mom didn't like it at all. She would call me "my bald headed baby" and smile, but now she is getting used too it. I got a lot of mixed reactions with my friends, but now it seems everyone likes it and has gotten used to it. I even get a lot of good comments on the street too. I'm so glad that I made this decision to go natural.

6. Your hair type:

I think I'm a 3B... I'm not sure. I know that my hair is very curly even if you don't add anything but water.

Thank you, Keshia!!!!!!!!! Continued success on your natural journey!! :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hey Coily Girls!!!! Here are some pics of my hair the FEW times I actually did it this summer. I'm telling you, I was extremely lazy with it this summer. Including with deep conditoning, so I had a dry spell too. I'm just recovering from that now. Here are some pics from my bf's nephew's wedding. It was a pretty good hair day, in spite of the humidity.

Me and my BF

OK... let me explain these next few. I was helping my bf do an assignment for school. He needed to make a commercial for a rose. So, he took about a million pics and video of me....

Here is the finished product: