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Monday, December 28, 2009

Tyra Banks leaving her TV talk show

Dec. 28, 2009, 9:43 AM EST
(from "Entertainment Tonight")

Tyra Banks is said to be closing down her talk show to pursue new career options.
This will be the last season of 'The Tyra Show,'" she tells "I've been loving having fun, coming into your living rooms, bedrooms, hair salons for the past 5 years."

Industry insiders say she will focus on bringing positive images of women to the big screen.
"My next huge steps will allow me to reach more women and young girls to help us all feel as fierce as we truly are," she says.

Tyra will continue to be a mentor on "America's Next Top Model" and produce her new ABC show "True Beauty."


Wow, and just when I was ready to forgive her for her horrible "Natural Hair" show!!!  LOL I wonder what happened. Now who's going to attempt to fill Oprah's shoes?  I'm actually going to miss this show, even though I only watched it every now and then.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

DOWNLOAD THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need some travelin' music??? Check out this Christmas mix from  E. Mapa called "The Twelve Traxx of Mix-mas."

1. Up on the Housetop ( DJ Spinna Re-Edit)- Jackson 5 2. Soulful Christmas- James Brown 3. Back Door Santa- Clarence Carter 4. Close Your Mouth (It's Christmas)- Free Design 5. Happy Holidays Pts. 1 & 2- Ohio Players 6. Stone Soul Christmas- Binky Griptite 7. Little Drummer Boy- Lauryn Hill 8. Mid Break 9. Christmas in Hollis- Run DMC 10. Peace on Earth- Hopeton & Primo 11. Irie Christmas- Freddie McGregor 12. All I Want for Ismas- Jacob Miller & Ray I Happy Holidays!

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

It's Christmas EVE!!!!!!!!! I envy the kids rights now, because they get to wake up tomorrow morning and experience the joy and excitement of opening that gift they've always wanted!!! Boy, do I miss that!! As an adult, it's soo much harder to excite me! Especially since I know that now I have to create that excitement for myself! LOL Well, at least this year I don't have to worry about being broke after Christmas! Why, you ask? Because I was already broke BEFORE Christmas!!!!! LOL

I hope you all have a VERY MERRY Christmas!!! Be safe!!!

"Open your presents at Christmastime but be thankful year round for the gifts you receive." ~Lorinda Ruth Lowen


Okay, I am on a quest for the perfect boots right now! Make no mistake about it, I am BROKE, but I do plan to buy myself a pair of boots in the near future! I spilled White-Out on my favorite pair of brown over-the-knee boots, so... I need another pair! I've tried in vain to remove the stain, (Hey, that rhymes!! LOL)but to no avail.

I am really not a SHOE person.( I prefer boots, sandals, and sneakers. I BUY shoes, and my shoe game is "tight" LOL (especially for work) but I know eventually they'll hurt my toes. I much more prefer boots with a nice heel or a high-heeled sandal.

Here are some of the looks I LOVE!!

Arden B at ShopStyle
I just LOVE the slouchy look!  I find it's really easy to pair gray boots up with an "ordinary" outfit to make it POP!

Free People at ShopStyle

For some reason, I'm really feeling suede this year.

Stuart Weitzman at ShopStyle

HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!  These are definitely me!
Don't you just love the side-zipper on these boots? Cute!

Love this heel! Not sure about the pointy toe though! Gotta keep my toes pretty for summer! LOL  I try to avoid pointy toes now!

Michael Antonio at ShopStyle

Free People at ShopStyle

CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock-star appeal!

Free People at ShopStyle
I love the back of these boots! Tres chic!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Check her out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  New artist from Philly!

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just another reason to hate HP!!!!!!  WOW!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yale-bound Curlies!!!!

Found this article on  The Coily Quadruplets have all been accepted to Yale!!  Fantastic hair AND intelligent! 

Ray Crouch, a senior at Danbury High School , logged onto the computer in his family’s living room just after 5 p.m. on Tuesday and entered the Web site of the Yale admissions office.Suddenly the screen turned blue — Yale blue — and an image of a bulldog, the university mascot, appeared, followed by “Welcome to the Class of 2014.” Ray, 18, had been offered a spot in the next freshman class, under its early-admission program. Standing behind him, his mother, Caroline, screamed.

But that was only the beginning. Moments later, Ray’s brother, Kenny, also 18, went to the Yale site and got an identical message. He was followed by their sister Carol. Same news. Then the room fell silent. Ray, Kenny and Carol are quadruplets, and their sister Martina had applied to Yale, too. “I was thinking, it’s going to be really awkward when I don’t get in,” Martina recalled Friday. But the computer turned blue for her as well, which prompted such an outpouring of joy from their mother that she wrestled their father, Steven, to the floor in a hug. The Crouches’ perfect batting average represents a first for Yale — the first time in anyone’s memory that it has offered admission to quadruplets. It is also, of course, no small milestone for the siblings, who were born more than two months premature. (Ray was the last to be released from the neonatal unit, more than four months later.) They made up for that rough start. Their class rankings range from 13 out of a class of 632 (Kenny) to 46 (Martina) — and they have sky-high SAT scores (including Carol’s perfect 800 on the verbal part of that exam).

One advantage that Yale may hold in landing the four Crouch children is that they seem reluctant to part, after being inseparable for so long. Which is not to say they have not imagined what it would be like to go solo.

As Kenny put it: “It might be fun to go somewhere where I’m not ‘one of the quads.’ ”

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


How many of you ladies have this problem? My hair always looks TERRIBLE the day after I wash it!! LOL I'm not talking about Wash N Go's, I'm referring to my twistouts. PUFF for DAYS! LOL One side of my hair looks curly and defined, and the other is a huge FRIZZBALL!!

I know I can't be the only one with this issue!LOL I think part of the problem is that my hair was still damp on the puffy side. I'm thinking maybe I need to sit under the dryer or diffuse my hair a little. Would love to hear your advice as well.

Monday, December 14, 2009

What do YOU think??  I jacked these pics from  and was amazed at some of the IGNORANT comments people posted about Willow and Jaiden Smith's hairstyles!!!  Personally, I LOVE Jaiden's hair! It's gorgeous!!  A lot of the negative posters seemed to think he looked "unkempt". I totally disagree! I love these stylish kids!

I admit, I do think Willow is a little young for such a cut, but it does look cute on her. I don't think I would let my daughter (if I had one) shave her head like that. So.... what do YOU think???

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Loft Loves Teachers!!

I'm not sure if you're aware, but Ann Taylor Loft offers a 15% discount EVERYDAY for educators! All you have to do is go to  to sign up. Then, when you go to one of their stores, present your school ID to get the discount. I signed up like last year, but prior to that, I was missing out on this discount!  This is one of my favorite stores!  I know a lot of you are teachers, so I figured I'd pass that along, especially  since it's Christmas time!

DAY 26 Left Bad Boy!!!!

Now why doesn't this surprise me??  I actually like this group and was an avid watcher of  all of the "Making the Band shows. I also like Danity Kane, but I agree with Diddy that Aubrey and D. Woods were getting a little "beside themselves!"  I like Diddy, but I can tell from the show that he's probably an a--  to work for.

Story By Danielle Canada (

Diddy's stream of band fallouts is continuing as Day 26 formally announces that they've left his Bad Boy record label. While Diddy embarks on new territory with his recent signing to Interscope, his brain child of Quanell, Willie, Brian and Mike will do the same. The group has moved from Diddy's emblem to Atlantic Records. By doing so, hopefully they'll be able to salvage their career before their demise a la Danity Kane.

While their days with Bad Boy were numbered from the start, Willie is adamant that there's no bad blood between the group and the powers that be. He told TheBoombox,

“Bad Boy is always our family, but we're with Atlantic right now…we really want to get people focused on the artistry, on the music. I think a lot of people lost it with the entertainment of the show. So now, we really want to show people what we're all about, that we do our thing whether it's on stage, in the studio, writing and producing -- we do it all.”

The group isn't looking to put an album out until sometime next year, but in the meantime, ladies can invest in their women's shoe line. Released in September, Eight2Six shoes coincided with the groups single, “Your Heels.” The line's first product was the “Swagga Heel” featured in three different colors and priced at $99.99.

Am I the only one that's never heard of these shoes?! No? Didn't think so….

It's the Diddy curse I'm telling you! I DO NOT want to work for Diddy!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

This is one voice I have TRULY missed... one of my favorite singers, Corinne Bailey Rae!!! Do you see how long her hair got?? OMG... she has always had beautiful hair, but she's officially one of my hair idols now!!!
Meet Coily Girl "Fsmith723"!!!! She's Newly Natural and LOVIN' IT!!!

CW: Why did you decide to go natural?

Really, I've never liked getting relaxers..the whole sitting in the chair for an hour getting your hair permed. Too much for me. So when I learned about transitioning I was all over it!

CW: What are the best and worst things about having natural hair?

I think the versatility of natural hair is one of the best things about it. Also the look and feel of it when it's well taken care of.

The worst...maybe pixie knots, but that's about it!!

CW: Do you straighten your hair? What precautionary measures do you take?

As of right now, I don't currently straighten my hair.

CW: Your current products/ routine:

I don't really have a set routine...I wash my hair once a week usually with suave smoothers 2 n 1, I condition with one of my many conditioners, then I use a leave-in and styler. I'm a bit of a product junkie, so I'm always trying something new.

CW: Do you have any color in your hair? If so, what kind?

No color.

CW: Your hair type:

I think I'm a 3c/4a.

CW: Has reaction from family/friends/opposite sex been positive or negative?

Mostly positive...I've had a few members of the opposite sex tell me they prefer my hair straight, but that's about it.

CW: Favorite hair accessories:

Goody ouchless bands and bobby pins. I'm also itching to try a Hairzing!

CW: Your hair length goal:

I'm not sure where I would like to be unstretched, but my stretched goal is waist length.

CW: Your hair idols:

I can't really say because I have so many! There have been so many wonderful ladies with beautiful hair supporting me since before my BC so I would have to say they are my hair idols.

CW: Advice to transitioners:

Make sure you have a solid support system, whether it be online at one of the various hair boards or in your real life. Transitioning is mental and physical and you will go through some changes and really have to take a look at yourself for who you are. Make sure to have fun during your transition, it doesn't have to be all serious!

Holiday Hair Candy!!!!!!

Just in time for the holidays!!!  More reasons to go natural and STAY natural!!! I challenge ANYONE to go anywhere near a relaxer after viewing these beautiful hair pics!!!