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Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Misskrisnew's Fro-hawk Video"

Could you rock a "Fro-Hawk?"

I think it's such a cute style!! I think I'm gonna try it this weekend, but I think my front might be too long! Most of the people I see wearing it have short, layered hair on top, and my hair is basically all one length, and NO layers. Still, I think I'll experiment this weekend before I wash my hair, just for a change! I think I'd like that look for the summer!

6/13/09 OK, so yesterday I attemped a "one-sided" Fro-Hawk! It was okay, I guess. I will post the pic later. I guess it was "rock-able." LOL

My Hair Today...

A wash and go from yesterday with a polka dot scarf. I looooove scarves, and I wear them on my head, neck, shoulders and hips. I love to get creative with them. I actually have this same scarf in three different colors. (I do that a lot!)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What an absolutely DREARY day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was raining and windy...perfect for staying in bed.If it's like this tomorrow, I just might!!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Lisa Bonet

Isn't this gorgeous?????

I am soooo feeling Lisa Bonet's hair in this pic!!! I think when I do get my hair cut, I'm gonna cut the front shorter so the curls can frame my face more like this. Right now my hair is all one length, even though you can't really tell when it's curly!

I found this poem while I was surfing the net......

Coil vs. Comb
by Sharon Harvey Rosenberg

Tight curls
wound like small coils
in a retractable pen
have no patience
for hard plastic combs
with jagged seams
and sharp teeth
through the dense spirals
around my head.

Snapped, my naps snap back.

the tight texture tenses
against those little teeth.

And with vengeance,
my hair
breaks combs
into plastic

And the coils spring back.
Like the spring in my pen
held in knowing fingers,
twisting strands of lines.

Forming follicle phrases from:
Curls coiled in S's, O's and Z's

Spelling my hair free
in long hand.

Black Skin Is Beautiful, But Beware Its Darker Side

By Tamar Nordenberg

Forget the old-school stereotypes, like black skin's always oily. There's little about African-American skin that is safely assumed, except that it can be supersensitive — its pigmentation, called melanin, may rebel against the wrong products by developing a discoloration that can stick around for months or years.

Take these skin-safe tips to heart. The nation's top dermatologists advise following these rules to preserve your dark skin's smooth, rich tone:
Stick With a Simple and Safe Skin Care Routine.Cleanse your face daily — as little as once a day if it's dry, up to three times if your goal is to remove excess oil. Gentle treatment is key for any skin type — avoid abrasive cleansers or irritating cleansing puffs or loofahs. And use moisturizer only if your face feels dry without it.

Pick the Best Products for Your Skin Type.Experts' favorites are nothing fancy — drugstore brands will usually do — but use products designed for your skin type. Favor products for sensitive skin, especially if your skin is dry — products with harsh ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid can wreak havoc on certain skin types. Want to try something new on for size? Go ahead, but use it sparingly at first.
Protect Yourself From Skin Cancer.Darker skin does provide some protection from the sun's UV rays, but don't count on it alone. Skin cancer is less common, but can be more deadly, in those with darker skin. Begin each day by applying a sunscreen or moisturizer with an SPF 15 to 30. And reapply sun protection often while you're in direct sunlight.

Mind Your Skin When You're Taking Certain Medications.Many drugs increase sun sensitivity, making it especially important to apply sunscreen or avoid the sun altogether. Among these medications are birth control pills, antibiotics, acne medicines and cancer drugs. But there are many others, too. Ask your doctor if your medicine makes the list.

Get Help in a Hurry When Your Skin's in Distress.Whether your problem is acne or another condition, it's much easier to prevent problems from lingering if you address them promptly. A trip to the dermatologist might save your skin — and even save you money by preventing you from purchasing a panoply of products to wage the battle against the condition.

Avoid the Common Makeup Mistakes.Match your makeup with your skin tone for a natural look. "Makeup made especially for women of color has come a long way," says dermatologist Wendy Roberts, M.D., who adds there's nothing wrong with relatively cheap drugstore brands. Have dry skin? Oil-based makeup is best. And for acne-prone, oily skin, water-based is the way to go.

Seek Out a Specialist for Prescription Therapies or Cosmetic Surgery.When you want more advanced skin care than you can apply yourself at home, there are professional treatments that might help, both low- and high-tech. Whether you're thinking about a prescription acne drug, facial peel, microdermabrasion, laser treatment or other approach, ask around for an expert in treating dark skin. In inexperienced hands, these more complex skin therapies can end up ruining your look rather than rejuvenating it.

Single, BROKE Female...

Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I had to put the trim and color on hold. For one thing, I am completely, FLAT BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate when that happens on a holiday weekend, because that just gives me an extra day to be at home MISERABLE and realizing how BROKE I am!!! At least work would give me a distraction! To makes things worse, I heard the weather's going to be BEAUTIFUL this weekend! LOL

Needless to say, I don't have big plans for the weekend. My original plan was to hit the beach and boardwalk and just enjoy the sun. I may STILL do that, but we'll see. The truth is, I have been in a hole, financially speaking, since Christmas. I always tend to over-spend during the holidays when it comes to gifts for friends and loved ones. The result is, I end up paying, at least until the summertime, when I can recoup that money by teaching summer school. This Christmas will be different!!! I will no longer do this to myself!! LOL

On a positive note, my diet is going well. I am at 123 lbs now. The only place I really notice the weight coming off is my waist, and that's not really where I needed it!!! All of my clothes are really loose in the waist now, but I still don't see my ABS! LOL This means I need to kick the cardio up a notch!!!! I think I'll buy "Hip Hop Abs" next week.

Well, lunch is over. Gotta get the kiddies from the schoolyard. Here we go.... 33 rounds of "He hit me!", "She kicked me!" LOL

Have a good day!!!!!!!! LOL

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

America's Next Top Model is... Teyona Anderson!!!!!

I have to admit, she was my favorite from the beginning!!! She has a nice, easy-going personality, and of course, she's very beautiful. I thought Allison had a unique look, but I was a fan of Teyona's from the first episode!!
My favorite Top Models of all-time are: YaYa, Ebony, and Nik-- three naturally gorgeous women I will feature soon for "Coily Girl of the Week."

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hi everyone!!!

My allergies are HORRIBLE right now!! Sorry I don't have a lot to say today, but it's a little hard when you're all drugged up!! I'm just waiting for this Claritin to kick in. (Actually, it's the CVS version of Claritin which seems to work better for me AND costs less!!) GO figure.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Time for a trim!

I have not had a trim since May 2008, and it is TIME! I read on "Tightly Curly's" blog how she doesn't trim her hair, or waits a looong time to do it. I wanted to see if I could go a year. I'm trying to get my length back, so I thought this might help. My ends are starting to knot, so now I know I can't go any longer! LOL

Anyway, I am going to try a different salon this time. It's a natural hair spot called "Brownstone". I had been going to the same stylist who did my hair when it was relaxed. Now I think it's time to go to someone who knows about natural hair. I plan to get a color and a nice trim, possibly a layered cut. I want BODY! I will post my pics!

Amy Holmes- Republican Strategist
She's another one of my faves. (Hairwise, anyway! LOL) I have to admit, I enjoyed watching her during the election coverage too. Although I disagree with MOST of what she says, she's quite likeable!!

Tiffany "New York " Pollard.....

Did you know she was natural? You learn something new everyday! I am pleasantly surprised! She is soo much cuter without the weave!

Donna Richards0n-Joyner, fitness guru, appears to be natural (or at least TRANSITIONING in this picture!!)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Coily Girl of the Week: Joy Denalane

Talk about GREAT hair!!! This girl has always been one of my hair idols.
I also love her music! I feature her songs often in my podcast, "Fusion 101 with Robyn Romele." You can download my podcast here:

Got (almond, rice or soy) milk??
By: Martina Navratilova Source:

Many people don’t get along well with cow’s milk because they’re lactose-intolerant, meaning they lack an enzyme needed to digest lactose, the sugar in milk. Then there are those limiting their dairy intake to cut back on saturated fat and cholesterol, or on animal products in general. The challenge here is that many of our favorite dishes are prepared with dairy products, and they're so delicious, they're hard to give up. Fortunately, there are many great-tasting, plant-based alternatives on the market that serve as fine substitutes and are loaded with minerals such as zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and iron. Here’s a rundown:

Almond milk is my favorite, and I make my own. Soak 1 ½ cups of raw almonds in four cups of water overnight. Blend this mixture in a blender and strain it to remove the almond granules. The result is a delicious, creamy, nutritious milk that can be used over cereals and in smoothies. I love to mix a cup of my almond milk with a cup of raspberries and a little honey for a delicious smoothie. You can store this almond milk for three to four days in the refrigerator. Almond milk doesn’t have as much protein as cow’s milk, but it compensates by being loaded with other nutrients, such as vitamin E, an antioxidant compound that may play a role in prevention of many diseases.

Rice milk is yummy and tastes great on cereals. It’s not very high in protein, but happily, its fat content, at four grams of fat per cup, is less than that of whole milk, yet slightly higher than 2 percent milk.

Soy milk is another great option, and it comes in many flavors, from plain to vanilla to chocolate. It generally has a thicker, richer texture than cows' milk. Like the soybeans it comes from, soy milk contains lots of plant protein and isoflavones, which have been shown to modestly decrease LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. It averages about four grams of fat per cup. Other great dairy substitutes made from soy include cheeses, yogurts, tofu, and ice creams.

All three of the plant-based milks can be enjoyed straight from the container, in drinks like smoothies, or in cooking or baking. When choosing a non-dairy milk, look for enriched products. Unfortified versions are low in several key nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin D, both of which are key players in good health. Make sure to check and compare nutrition facts on the labels to be certain you’re getting the most for your bucks. Also, be sure to obtain bone-saving calcium through calcium-rich veggies, such as broccoli.

Now for those of you who love cow's milk, my advice is to choose low-fat organic milk and other low-fat, organic dairy foods. They’re produced differently from conventional dairy products—no antibiotics or growth hormones, and organic feed for the cows—but that doesn’t alter the nutrient content, taste, or cooking capability one bit. Buying organic foods is not necessarily expensive either, though shopping around pays off. Places like specialty stores, co-ops, gourmet delis, farmers’ markets, and community-supported agriculture programs, sell organic foods that are economically priced. With the growing demand for organic foods, the prices have come way down.

Does drinking ice water burn calories?

For anyone trying to lose weight, this question is an exciting one! If you simply want to know if your body burns calories warming up the water, the answer is yes. But if you want to know if drinking a lot of ice water can help you lose weight, or keep weight off, this "yes" needs to be qualified with some calculations.

Ice water won't replace a healthy diet, but it will burn a few extra Calories.First of all, calories are case-sensitive. There are calories and then there are Calories. Calories with a big "c" are the ones used to describe the amount of energy contained in foods. A calorie with a little "c" is defined as the amount of energy it takes to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius.

What most people think of as a Calorie is actually a kilo-calorie: It takes one Calorie to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water 1 degree Celsius. So when you drink a 140-Calorie can of cola, you are ingesting 140,000 calories. There is no cause for alarm, because the conversion applies across the board. When you burn 100 Calories jogging a mile, you are burning 100,000 calories.

So, considering that the definition of a calorie is based on raising the temperature of water, it is safe to say that your body burns calories when it has to raise the temperature of ice water to your body temperature. And unless your urine is coming out ice cold, your body must be raising the temperature of the water. So calories are being burned.Let's figure out exactly what you're burning when you drink a 16-ounce (0.5 liter) glass of ice water:
The temperature of ice water can be estimated at zero degrees Celsius.
Body temperature can be estimated at 37 degrees Celsius.
It takes 1 calorie to raise 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius.
There are 473.18 grams in 16 fluid ounces of water. So in the case of a 16-ounce glass of ice water, your body must raise the temperature of 473.18 grams of water from zero to 37 degrees C. In doing so, your body burns 17,508 calories. But that's calories with a little "c." Your body only burns 17.5 Calories, and in the grand scheme of a 2,000-Calorie diet, that 17.5 isn't very significant.

Learn More:

But let's say you adhere to the "eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day" nutritional recommendation. In 64 ounces of water, there are 1,892.72 grams. So to warm up all that water in the course of a day, your body burns 70,030 calories, or 70 Calories. And over time, that 70 Calories a day adds up. So, while you definitely shouldn't depend on ice water consumption to replace exercise or a healthy diet, drinking cold water instead of warm water does, in fact, burn some extra Calories!

Friday, May 15, 2009

CURLY GIRLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is me and one of my students. She has gorgeous curly hair!! Her mother is also a friend of mine.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Weight Loss Progress...
So.. I've been dieting for the past few weeks. I am a size 5, but I have gained a little weight around my stomach from just being a PIG for the past few years!!! I have never really watched what I ate because I have been skinny my whole life. If anything, I was always trying to GAIN weight!!

So.... I've been really watching my calorie intake. I started at 128 lbs. I've lost 4 lbs so far. (I haven't weighed myself in a week, because I have cheated a little on my diet!!) I had a Chocolate Wave dessert at Red Lobster. Well.... I had NO IDEA how many calories were in that thing!!! 1,490 to be exact. At least I didn't eat the whole thing in one day, but still!! Well, I also ate two cheddar bay biscuits. They are 150 calories a piece. I also had a salad and a broiled seafood platter. The platter was 325 calories. When you see how many calories a certain food is, it definitely makes you reluctant to slip up! LOL

In light of me "falling off the wagon", I have decided not to weigh myself again until next week. I have made other significant dietary changes too. I now drink soy milk, and what's weird is I actually like it. I want to try almond and rice milk too. I have cut out fried foods, sodas and fruit drinks. Now I drink mostly water or real juice. I was never a big beef eater, but I have also cut down on chicken. When I do eat fish, I don't eat a lot of it, and I eat more vegetables. I read somewhere that you should always eat smaller portions and leave something on your plate each time. I try not to eat over 1300 calories per day. This had been easy for me prior to the Red Lobster visit.

I'm proud of myself for having the discipline to stick to my diet. Websites like and have also helped a great deal. I'll keep you posted.

Poor Tyra! It's so embarassing that she has these women on national tv hating themselves. They're clueless, and so is she. LOL Are those braids supposed to be Tyra's attempt at a natural look?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Counting the Days.....

I heard another teacher in the building say there are like 29 days left of school. THANK GOD!!!!! My class has been out of control!!!!!!!!!! LOL Thank goodness it really hasn't been that hot outside and we've had a lot of rainy days. The kids are arguing back and forth, and all day long I hear,"She hit me!" or "He stole my pencil!" They are driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!! Were we this bad in 2nd grade??? LOL

Monday, May 11, 2009


DAY 7 of the twistout. Can you tell I just don't feel like doing my hair? I have tiny silver clips holding the hair back.

Summer Scarves..... yay or nay???

I love scarves! I will absolutely be rockin' them this summer. They add color and style to your look, and they are this season's "must-have!" They're a very chic accessory to cover yourself up in if you get a little chilly this summer. I think they're perfect when it's not quite cool enough for a jacket, but maybe it's a little windy.

Friday, May 8, 2009

My Hair Today

Okay... so the twistout only made it a couple days this time! LOL Normally, I can stretch it out until at least Sunday. I HATE doing my hair, and I usually try to wash it once a week during the school year. For some reason, people kept touching my hair this week and ruining my curl definition! LOL

For some reason, people don't understand that even though my hair is NATURAL, I am not trying to wear it PUFFY and in afro everyday! Sometimes I want the curly look, in which case, the untrained hand can totally mess up my look! They tend to puff it up at the roots when they touch it, and pretty much, my hair can't recover from that without having to be re-twisted.

Alas... the puff. Three days early! LOL . I usually like my puffs kind of sloppy. Sometimes I slick it back w/ IC gel for a wavy kind of look, but most of the time, I like it wild.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Hair Today...

Day 4 of my twistout.... still pinned up at the top. I decided to "fro" it up a little, since most of the definition from the twistout is gone! LOL . I used Olive Oil lotion in attempt to make it curl up more, that usually works! The lotion makes it curl right up. I usually put some olive oil in too, because sometimes the lotion makes it feel dry later.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shout Outs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to welcome all new Curly Girls (and friends!) to my blog!!!!! I would love to hear from you! I'm interested in hearing your thoughts, so feel free to leave comments and/or invite me to your blogs, Fotki pages and websites!!!


My Hair Today...

Three day old twistout pinned up with 2 black Goody hairpins. I think this may be the last day I can get away with wearing it out.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Soul singer, Salakida

Her motto is "Magic Happens", her voice is a natural, poignant soothing instrument that immediately and completely captivates you, mind, body and spirit. These are a few of the qualities that comprise Salakida (Sa-luh-Key-Duh), the multi-talented singer/songwriter/entertainer. When in Salakida's presence, her poise, assurance, and warmth of spirit instantly tells that there is more to the artist than what meets the eye. Born and raised in Oakland, CA, she recently relocated to Atlanta and has quickly built buzz around her forthcoming debut project, "Salakida".

"Salakida" is a glimpse into the future with a nod to the past, and a refreshing change for the present while offering a soulful hybrid of R&B, hip hop, alternative and pop that she calls "Blippie Funk" or Black Hippie Funk. This distinctive sound has awarded singer/somgwriter Salakida the tremendous opportunity to share the stage with talents like D'wayne Wiggins (Tony, Toni, Tone, Destiny's Child), Kenny Lattimore, Allen Anthony, (Roc-a-fella Records), Blackalicious, Tre Hardsen of the Pharcyde and Jaguar Wright, to name just a few. In a market saturated with girl singers, Salakida truly stands out as an artist that equal parts talent, sensuality and uncompromising creativity.

My Hair Today....

This is a two day old twistout!!!Not bad. I'm gonna see how long I can make it last.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Why Go Sulfate Free?

Sulfates is a general term used to describe a multitude of Surfactants used in shampoos and other types of cleansers. They help to dissolve oils, and make bubbles. But you should know that how much a shampoo lathers is not a good indication of how well it is cleaning your hair.

Start reading the ingredient lists of your shampoos. While you're waiting for your conditioner to work, just read the labels. You won't recognize any of the words. The first ingredient is almost always water or some form of it. The second and third ingredients are usually the surfactants that we are talking about here. Here is a list of common surfactants you may find in your list. (Listed worst to best)

Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate- VERY harsh. Will strip your hair.

Ammonium Laureth Sulfate- Very harsh, but better than Ammonium Lauryl sulfate.

TEA lauryl sulfate- some sources say this is gentle. BUT, MEA/DEA/TEA are all substitutes for ammonia and are just as damaging. I would stay away.

TEA laureth sulfate- same as above.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate- Better, but still harsh

Sodium Laureth Sulfate- Gentle, good pick. This is the most common one. This one is ok to use, but there are even more gentle ones you can use.

Sodium Myreth Sulfate- This is very gentle. Often found in baby shampoos.

Cocamidoprpyl Betaine- This is very, very gentle. Often found in baby shampoos. This ingredient is also found in conditioners. It is the reason that light conditioners are able to clean your hair.

Decyl Polyglucose- Most gentle surfactant. Some say it is TOO gentle to be effective in cleansing.

Sorbitan Laurate-mild surfactant

PEG 80- mild surfactant

Polyoxethylene fatty alcohols- VERY mild

Polyoxethylene sorbitol esters- VERY mild

Alkanolamides- VERY mild

Sodium lauraminopropionate- VERY mild

What's so bad about Sulfates? According to the FDA, they received thousands of complaints about products with harsh sulfates. Some complaints include eye and scalp irritation, tangled hair, swelling of hands, face and arms, and split and fuzzy hair. There are also studies claiming that SLS (sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate) can cause cancer when combined with other chemicals.

Allison from "College Hill"

Okay, I'm embarassed to admit it, but "College Hill" is one of my guilty pleasures!!! I know the show is GHETTO-AS-I-DON'T-KNOW-WHAT", but I like it!!! I guess because I miss college!!! I attended a HBCU, and it truly was the best time of my life!!

Looking at the batch of kids they have as this season's houseguests though, I question whether or not they were good choices as candidates. Whereas in past seasons, the students at least seemed STUDIOUS, these kids seem like they don't even go to college!!! All they do is fight, which I guess is great for ratings!! Anyway, Allison, one of the girls on the show, has GREAT HAIR!!!!! I love her length and texture.

My Hair Today.....

I did a twistout last night using pure shea butter. Once I finished twisting, I sealed in the moisture with coconut oil. This morning I released the twists and applied a little more coconut oil. (I hate dry hair!!)

I think this twistout came out okay.