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Thursday, April 30, 2009

This video is an embarrassment on so many different levels. What makes me really mad is how they couldn't find a single white person to interview!!!! As if only BLACK PEOPLE eat at Popeye's. Wow... the media loves to get their laughs at our expense.

Model, Aisha Caine

My Hair Today...

I washed it this morning, and used a little Kinky Curly Custard. In my opinion, this is the only thing Kinky Curly is good for! LOL

This summer, I plan to experiment with this stuff until I figure it out!!! It's way too expensive to be collecting dust on my shelf!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cute Flower Hair Clips You Can Make...

OMG... I just saw Curly Chronicle's video on making flower hair accessories. I love to see natural hair adorned with pretty flowers in the summertime. I think it adds femininity to a pretty sundress or haltertop!!

So, anyway, I'm always down for saving a penny, so I looooove Curly Chronicle's video. I'll be making my flower clips this weekend! LOL

Monday, April 27, 2009

Like McDonald's Sweet Tea??

I just found out the most alarming news today!! Okay, for the past maybe year and a half, I have been ADDICTED to McDonald's Sweet Tea. I have been drinking them like CRAZY!!! Kind of weird, since I'm not really a DRINKER. I'm definitely more of an EATER. LOL Ever since this tea was introduced, though, I've been hitting McDonald's a few times a week for my fix!!! LOL

Well, I found out today that this tea has 290 calories!!! WOW!!! I've been on a diet for about the past 3 weeks, and I'm watching my calorie intake for the first time in my life. (I'd always been on the slender side, but began to pick up a few pounds once I hit 30.)

Needess to say, I'd rather consume those 290 calories with FOOD, not a drink, so it's time to bid McDonald's Sweet Tea a fond farewell!!

My Hair Today

Okay, so it's ANOTHER hot day in Philly! I'm not sure if you know, but I teach 2nd grade, and our classroom is sticky as I don't know what! LOL. I normally wash and twist my hair on Sunday nights, but I didn't get around to it last night, so my hair is a wreck! I have a hair style I use in a pinch, when I'm in between washings., It's kind of a "pouf" in front and a "puff" in back!!!

I achieve this style by pinning the front up. and securing the back in a black elastic band. I like it sloppy... so other than twisting my front curlies around my finger, I don't do much of anything else to my hair. It takes 5 minutes, and it's NO FUSS, NO MUSS! Exactly what I need for a hot day like today! LOL

Well, I'm going to drink my Mango frosty and enjoy the rest of my lunch period. Stay cool!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

KFC Grilled Chicken - A Healthier Choice
by Bethany Sanders

KFC is getting grilled ... grilled chicken, that is. The fast food chain, famous (or notorious, depending on how you look at it) for their crispy fried chicken is now offering a healthier, grilled version to their customers. Doug Hasselo, KFC's chief food innovation officer tells the Associated Press, "We think we finally have cracked the code." So I decided to see if they really had.

"Feel like getting a bucket of chicken?" I asked my husband over the weekend. When I told him that the only condition was I wanted to try the new grilled version, he didn't seem impressed. At the drive-thru, we discovered a bucket of grilled chicken was the same price as fried, a pleasant surprise. Once we got them home, we dug in. And they were good. Finger lickin' good. Tasty, I mean, but they're also definitely a better choice than the fried version. Let's compare:
Original Recipe: 110 to 370 calories with seven to 21 grams of fat, 290 to 1,050 mg of sodium
Grilled Chicken: 70 to 180 calories with four to nine grams of fat, 160 to 440 mg of sodium

At 440 mg, the sodium is still pretty high, but in general, those numbers aren't too bad. Improved enough for me to enjoy a couple of pieces without the guilt, though I skipped the mashed potatoes and gravy. Not only was it good, I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything.

So yes, KFC's new grilled chicken is a step in the right direction, but that doesn't necessarily make KFC a diet-friendly place. Last week, we talked about how healthy menu options might make you let down your guard and overeat. KFC is offering a healthier version of their chicken, but their sides are still pretty heavy: Mashed potatoes and gravy, biscuits and butter, and potato wedges, for example. It's something to watch out for whenever you eat out -- KFC included.

But still, I give kudos to KFC for finally giving their customers who want a healthier meal a reason to go through their drive-thru every once and a while.
What about you: Have you tried the new KFC Grilled Chicken? What did you think?

Hey ladies!!

Happy Saturday!! The weather is a balmy 84 degrees here in Philly!!! I'm a summer baby, so I LIVE for this kind of weather!! For some reason though, today I'm in a lazy kind of mood.

Normally, I'm the first one to throw on a cute summer dress and be OUT!!! Maybe it's because I need a PEDICURE, so I KNOW I can't wear sandals OR flip-flops, and everybody and their Mom will be at the salons today trying to get them done. I waited too late to get one, and at this point I'd be wasting the day away waiting if I tried!!!

Well, I DO plan to get out today. I love to walk on Kelly Drive next to the river with my Ipod on, and it's the perfect day for that. I hope you're out enjoying the sun, wherever you are, and are wearing your sunscreen!!! :) Have a lovely day.


Coily Girl of the Week: Singer, Lizz Fields

Lizz Fields... is not your typical Philly brand. Although the lighthearted beauty was classically trained at the famed Creative & Performing Arts High School with the likes of Boyz II Men, Amel Larrieux and the Roots and even though she hails from Philly where soul music runs through the veins of the city bearing such fruit as Musiq, Jill Scott and Bilal, this songstress stamps her own sound on the scene.

Bridging the gap between what we hear in Philly and how it's produced in Europe became her mission in order to break the mold of old. This is how her inadvertent album "ByDayByNight" was born. Oddly enough Lizz Fields wasn't quite the popular kid growing up nor was she an outcast. An outside observer with a great sense of humor is probably most accurate. Being made fun of in school for not having a conventional church voice is what led Lizz to this thing called jazz.

The playfulness of scatting, the creativity of improvising and the general ease in tone seemed to fit her like a glove. She began to incorporate her sound with gospel music when she joined her church choir. After gaining the confidence to share her voice, Lizz expanded her audience by performing in local clubs such as Zanzibar Blue, Brave New World and The Five Spot. Lizz also expanded her skills by performing in several plays in the city including "Sparkle" where she played the troubled character of Sister. It was her portrayal of Sister that won Lizz the coveted Barrymore Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical in 2001. This is also when Lizz Fields and Damon Bennett began working on Lizz's demo.

Lizz moved around a bit to expand, to learn, to grow. She went to Brooklyn and picked up a part-time job at a local furniture store. This is where the magic began. After her recording sessions with Damon in Philly, Lizz would hop on a cheap bus back to Brooklyn just in time for her shift at the furniture store. There she would play her new music to critique and hear what they had accomplished. There is also where patrons of the store would ask about the music. That's when Lizz decided to burn a few copies, create some artwork and see if she could indeed sell her wares. Much to her surprise, Lizz could sell her music and that music made it to retailers around the world. Lizz began filling orders for 50-200 units at a time. Suffice to say she quit her part-time job and "ByDayByNight" became her full-time gig.

To date "ByDayByNight" has sold nearly 11,000 units around the world mostly by word of mouth, radio support and live shows.Lizz has managed to breakout of the habitual "Philly" sound and cultivate a sound that's all her own and her live show is a representation of that. The live interpretation of "ByDayByNight" is vibrant and infectious and her fun-filled spontaneity draws the audience in like family. Her unique and captivating vocals are uncontrived, loose, animated and warm. If you're already a fan, Lizz's live show will make you fall in love with her. Just ask her audiences in London, NYC, LA and Chicago where she has already rocked stages. Now with the support of Unisex Records (UK) and P-Vine (Japan) where her album is currently licensed, Lizz has been able to expand her team of supporters as well as her fan base. At the start of 2004, Lizz embarks on collaborations with DJ Spinna, DJ Jazzy Jeff, King Britt, Taz and 4Hero to lend her lyrical and vocal touch.

So Is Lizz lucky or is she a stunning representation of success happens when preparation meets opportunity. Well, this is not the end of the Lizz Fields' story. Stay tuned...Lizz Fields, unconventional yet familiar.

**Purchase Lizz's latest album "Pleasureville at

Some Call Me Nappy
April 12, 2008 by

I Call Me Beautiful!! Have a curly mane? It's a gift and a curse. Beautiful when the curls are just right, a total mess otherwise. Ladies with silky textured curls often have an easier time perfecting their curly style. Ladies who are of African American or mixed-heritage can have a more difficult time fighting off the frizz and obtaining a neat and put-together look.

In my childhood, my mother never recognized the beauty of my curly hair. Born into a bi-racial family, she was raised to believe that there was a certain way to appear put-together. She combed, brushed and blew out her curls, oiled up her mane and made it up in neat braids and buns. Now, beyond middle-aged, my mother has only just discovered the potential beauty of her naturally, silky wavy/curly hair. However, after years of fighting her natural hair with chemical processing, heat treatments, blow dryers, pressing combs, and monthly hair colorings, my mom's curls are in bad form.

Being the out-there child that I was, I had been determined to go against the grain of what my mother taught me was an appropriate way to style my hair and learn to go natural. I was tired of spending ridiculous amounts of time in the bathroom washing, blow drying, oiling, and pressing out my hair. The process could take me two hours! While that may not seem ridiculous to some, it was for me. I was a high school student who needed that time to study, socialize, or do what ever else high school students do.

My first experiences going curly were liberating,to say the least. I simply shampooed and conditioned my hair and blew it dry. I was sixteen and, really, the fro-ish look did not scare me as much as it scared my mother who constantly asked me if I was planning to do 'something' with my hair. At school, many of my peers loved my hair and wanted to pet it or play with it.

I should mention that I lived in South Orange County which isn't known for its large African American population. I was a novelty of sorts or at least my hair was. As much as I liked the attention, I couldn't help feel like there were many who disproved of my big head of hair. I tell you, my curls looked as though they were fighting to get away from my scalp. I had triangle hair and no curl definition. It wasn't until my $10 blow dryer quit working that I was forced to purchase a new one and discovered the diffuser.

Finally, I was able to leave the house with real, shiny and defined curls that fell more neatly down my back. If I had felt liberated before, now, I felt both liberated and pretty. Ever since then, I have been able to wear my hair curly and with little fuss. With the advent of new hair styling technology, I have been able to replace my dead blow dryers with newer, more efficient, and style-saving dryers and reasonably priced serums and hair conditioners.

I feel inclined to add that while I love my curly locks, I also enjoy variety and options in styling my hair. Week-to-week, I change up my style by straightening with a flat-iron (no chemicals here!), braiding, or twisting my hair. I love versatility.It's not always easy going natural, especially for women of color.

I have noticed that there is a very real and legitimate fear that employers, peers, or even strangers may induce certain things about African American women who wear their hair curly. Terms like "nappy" or "kinky" that describe the texture or tightness of curls also carry negative connotations and are often used to describe individuals perceived to be "too Black", unkempt or too lax about their appearance. For that reason, I cannot fault my mother or her family's idea of an appropriate way to wear African American hair.

In retrospect, I can't help but wonder if, in my past, I missed out on employment opportunities or other growth opportunities because of my very ethnic looking hair-do. What I believed was beautiful hair may have been perceived to be just nappy or unkempt. I think though, that learning to care for my hair and appreciate it for its beautiful, curly way has really made me a little bit more beautiful on the inside. Learning to love my hair regardless of what is socially acceptable or popular at any given moment has made me more proud than ever to be me: an individual of African American descent who has dark skin and shiny and curly hair.

For me, this was one important step in beginning the process of shedding the daunting and impossible-to-attain idealized version of beauty.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sites To Avoid Browsing While on the Clock:
(Clutch Magazine: The Digital Magazine for the Young, Contemporary Woman of Color)

By Sky Obercam
Most of us who work 8-hour days experience that inevitable down time that requires some creative loafing. Sure, you could always pick up the phone and call a friend, read a book, or paint your nails, but typically, the idea is to not look like you are enjoying those stolen moments of free time. Enter – the internet. Given that many of us work in close proximity to a computer with an almost infinite virtual reach, it’s almost impossible to avoid the temptation of surfing the web in your idle time.

With unlimited information at your fingertips, one can (and sometimes to their demise, does) spend hours browsing the Internet. For this reason, many companies have installed software to prevent such entertaining activities from going down. But for those of you lucky enough to thrive in a work environment free from online restrictions, the key is not to get caught abusing your liberties. To aid you in this effort, dig this list that outlines the type of sites you don’t want to get caught browsing while on the clock:

Graphic Sexual Content or Porno:
This usually isn’t too much an issue for the ladies, but, ogling a site with half naked men, or shopping for sex toys is an activity best saved for the confines of your own home. Shopping: Your employer is most likely not thrilled that they pay you as much (or as little) as they do, so please don’t throw salt in the wound by showing them that you actually make enough money to shop for nice clothes, shoes and accessories.

Who doesn’t love Youtube? It’s got to one of the most entertaining sites out there right now. You can watch old episodes of your favorite shows, listen to music, watch bloopers of newscasters lose their composure on live TV – Youtube has it all. This is precisely why it may not be the best site to frequent while at work. It can be very time consuming…

Gossip blog/Celebrity News Sites:
The ultimate guilty pleasure for some, gossip and celebrity news sites are ideal time wasters for the working man or woman. So if staying up to date with the beautiful and the talentless is difficult to resist, make sure you minimize your browser when the higher-ups draw near.

Nothing says “I am bored out of my ever loving mind – please give me more work to do” like an employee puttering around on Facebook during the workday. Sadly, some employers tend not to want to encourage their staff to derive comfort by means of reaching out to family and friends while on the job. Simply put: Proceed with caution.

Job Search sites:
This is sort of self explanatory, wouldn’t you say? If your boss catches you looking for a new job, you may find yourself without one before you’ve even received your first response from your not so covert job hunt.

Interactive Game Sites: Not only are these things addictive, they are a sure fire way to ruin it for your fellow employees because if your manager catches you playing hours of War Craft or Mafia Wars, you can bet the internet restrictions will be enforced post haste.

How to Follow the Curly Girl Method for Curly Hair

Hey curly girls!!
Do you suffer from curly hair that's dry, damaged,
frizzy, or uncontrollable? Are you open to trying something new? The curly girl method (also referred to as "no-poo") is based off the book "Curly Girl" by Lorraine Massey. The nickname "no-poo" alludes to not using a sulfate shampoo, because of sulfates' power to strip the hair of its natural oils. Once you take away the sulfates your hair can retain its natural moisture. Like many beauty regimens, the results vary from person to person, but this one just might work for you. So, say good-bye to the frizz and split ends and hello to soft, healthy curls!

Follow these steps:
*Clarify with a sulfate shampoo before beginning. This will cleanse your hair of any silicones--ingredients in some hair products that are not water soluble. (see the
Warnings section below).
*Have your hair trimmed. This will get rid of any damage or
split ends. If you don't want to visit a hair salon you can always trim your own of course.
*Replace your brush with a wide-toothed comb. It is easiest to damage hair with a brush whether wet or dry. Untangling hair while dry with any tool is not a good idea; separating the curls dry just causes more frizz. *Instead of a brush, switch to a wide-toothed comb, or even better, just use your fingers (when the hair is wet). If it is difficult to untangle your hair this way, add more conditioner to your hair when wet or trim any unruly ends.
Stop shampooing your hair. Most shampoos contain harsh, drying sulfates that are extremely damaging for curly hair (ammonium laureth sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, etc.). They make curly hair frizzy and uncooperative. Conditioner can be used sufficiently to clean the hair (see the next step). Also, more gentle shampoos that contain mild cleansers (i.e. cocamidopropyl betaine or coco betaine) can be used occasionally or more often for wavier hair types.
"You'd never dream of washing a good sweater with detergent. Yet most shampoos contain harsh detergents (sodium lauryl sulfate or laureth sulfate) that one finds in dish washing liquid. They're great for pots and pans because they cut grease so effectively. Your hair on the other hand, needs to retain some natural oils, which protect your hair and scalp. Stripping them away deprives the hair of necessary moisture and amino acids and makes it look dry and dull." - Lorraine Massey
Wash your scalp with conditioner (conditioner washing). Begin your routine by wetting your hair in the shower. Distribute conditioner on your entire scalp and massage your scalp with the tips of your fingers (not your fingernails). This rubbing action will loosen dirt and dandruff which can then be rinsed away. (Be sure to avoid silicones in your hair products, see the Warnings.)
* Thoroughly rinse your scalp afterwards. Depending on how dry your
scalp is, you can conditioner wash, once a week, twice a week, or every day.
"The curly-haired can leave their hair hydrated with natural oils and clean their scalps quite well by rinsing only with hair conditioner once a week or less. Rubbing the scalp firmly with fingers is enough to loosen dirt." - Lorraine Massey
*Distribute conditioner throughout all of your hair and untangle gently. *Use your hands or a wide-toothed comb. Start by untangling bottom sections of your hair and then gradually move upwards. Let the conditioner sit in your hair for five minutes or so for extra moisture. You also may want to part your hair at this point with a comb. Part your hair to the side to prevent "triangle-shaped" hair.
*Do the final rinse of your hair with cool or cold water. This will decrease frizz and add shine. Leave some conditioner in your hair, especially in dry sections like the ends. It is fine to run your fingers through your hair gently, but do not comb your hair after this point.
*Apply products to your hair. Do it while it is soaking wet if you have curlier hair, but wait five minutes or so if you have medium to wavy curly hair.
* Put product in your hands and rub them together to emulsify. Then, smooth or rake the product into your hair by sections. A common method is to begin with a leave-in cream or conditioner to decrease frizz and then follow with a gel for hold and definition. (Using your normal conditioner as a leave-in is fine too.
[1]) However, use whatever type and order of products you like.
*Next, finger shape the curls by
scrunching them (cup your hair in the palms of your hands and scrunch in an upward motion) and/or twisting individual curls around a finger.
*Gently scrunch your hair with a t-shirt, paper towels, or a micro-fiber towel to remove excess moisture, as a generic terrycloth towel will make your hair frizzy. You may wish to finger shape your curls at this time instead.
*Next, wait five or so minutes so the hair can permanently assume its current shape.
*Decrease the drying time of your hair by
plopping.[2] Spread an old t-shirt or micro-fiber towel onto a flat surface (such as the toilet with seat down).
* Bend over at the waist and position your hair in the middle of the cloth. With your head touching the cloth, drape the back section of cloth over your head. Twist the sides until they form "sausage rolls" and clip or tie them at the base of your neck. After 15-30 minutes remove the cloth. If your hair is frizzy after plopping lightly graze the hair with gel.
Plopping works best for medium to long length curly hair. The curls usually become weirdly squished after plopping in shorter hair. See
How to Plop Your Hair for more info. as well.
A hair dryer with a bowl diffuser

*Dry your hair. Air drying is the easiest and gentlest way to dry your hair. If you must blow dry your hair use a diffuser to avoid frizz. Only dry your hair partially (about 80% dry) and air-dry the rest of the way. Do not touch your hair while it is drying or it will mess up and frizz. Both types of diffusers work well in terms of diffusing and decreasing frizz:
A bowl diffuser with fingers causes more volume and clumping (curls sticking together instead of going every which way), is bulky and heavier, and will probably only fit on the hairdryer it comes with. Place a section of hair in the bowl and press the bowl to your head. Then turn on the "warm" setting of your blow dryer. Press the cool shot if your head gets too hot.
A sock diffuser is lightweight, fits on any hair dryer, and is portable. Aim the diffuser at different parts of your hair while you scrunch your hair with your hands. Stop scrunching when your hair is about 50% dry.

Not all hair dressers were created equal.

*Find an experienced hairstylist. Ask him/her in advance if they are experienced in cutting curly hair and what products they are going to use on your hair. Unplanned haircuts can be disastrous for curly hair. If their products contain silicones insist on bringing your own. If your hairstylist uses a razor to thin out your hair it will make your ends ratty and prone to split ends. Remember, it takes a skilled hairdresser to successfully cut layers or other haircuts in curly hair.
*Have your hair trimmed every four to six months. A 1/2-inch or 1/4-inch trim is usually enough to get rid of split ends. Long, rounded layers are more suited to curly hair--short layers tend to stick up and look funny. Curly hair usually consists of a combination of textures, with the crown being the curliest part. For this reason it's hard to tell what dry curly hair looks like when wet--consider having your hair cut dry. Also, take into account that curly hair is much
shorter when dry than wet. You may lose only two inches while wet, but that could be four or five while dry!
Give your hair time to adjust. It takes 2-4 weeks for your hair to adjust to the no shampoo and it may even look worse at first. Hair is a long-term project and it may take a couple weeks for it to regain its health after being stripped of moisture for years by shampoo.

Smile!Show off your glamorous, beautiful curls!

Avril Guerrera

Wakeema Hollis

Model,Sabina Karlsson

Wakeema Hollis

Tamera Mowry

Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to Detangle Natural African American Hair

Krystal Clark, eHow Editor
Rate: (2 Ratings)
Natural African American
hair is one of the most fragile types of hair there is. A misconception is that because of its coils, and kinks, its not as susceptible to breakage. This is untrue, with with natural hair need to be very cautious when detangling their hair. Because of its coil shape natural oils don't always make it down the entire hair shaft, which means less nutrients, more breakage, and weak hair. Unintentional breakage can be avoided by properly detangling your hair.

Things You’ll Need:
Spray bottle
Wide toothed comb or denman brush.

Natural African American hair is the only hair type where it it advised for you to comb your hair when it is damp. Therefore, invest in a spray bottle to use during the detangling process. Use the bottle to mist the hair with water; just enough to dampen but not soak.
Use a wide toothed comb. Another major mistake naturals make is using the wrong comb. If your hair is straight, and fine, a narrow tooth comb will do the trick. However, if used on coarse natural hair, this comb will pull it out. To avoid this type of wear and tear use a wide toothed comb instead.

Part your hair into 4 to 8 sections depending on length and thickness. Take a section and spritz it with water to dampen it. Smooth the water into the hair from root to tip. Take the wide toothed comb and comb from the ends working your way down to the root of the hair. Do this for each section until the whole head is done.

After you have successfully detangled your hair apply a moisturizer. Make sure it does not have any petroleum, or mineral oil in it. Those are the types of substances that clog the scalp, and weighs down the hair.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Serves 2 Total time: 2 minutes
• 3/4 cup rice milk
• 1 cup mixed fresh berries (Marg likes to mix with cut-up papaya, too)
• 1/2 cup nonfat frozen yogurt
• 1 tbsp flax oil (optional)
• Handful ice cubes
1. Blend ingredients together until smooth, and serve cold.
CARBS: 32 g
SUGARS: 14 g
FIBER: 2 g
SAT. FAT: 0 g
SODIUM: 55 mg
Are u down?? Meet Coily Girl, Esperanza Spalding!

Hear her music by clicking here:

Esperanza Spalding. I have been a fan of her music (and an admirer of her hair !) for years!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Coily Girl of the Week: Gelila Bekele

Early Life:

After moving with her family to the United States as a young child, Gelila spent most of her childhood in San Francisco. She attended Roosevelt Middle School and Thurgood Marshall High School, where she was an honors student and a member of the school's basketball team. She then spent two years studying at Cornell University before transferring to the University of California at Berkeley to be closer to her family. She graduated with a bachelors degree in 2005. Gelila currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Modeling Career:

Bekele has worked with Ford Models, Pantene, Colgate, and has appeared on the cover of 'The African' magazine. She is also featured in many other print ads and has done several runway shows.


Gelila is also a humanitarian and social activist. With the success and celebrity afforded to her through her work as a recognizable model, Bekele devotes much of her time to aiding people around the world through her charity involvement with groups that help those living in third world nations attain fundamental natural resources like water. One organization that she is passionate about is simply called: Charity: Water. Some of the other charities Gelila is involved with include Kageno, Keep a Child Alive and Darfur Action Network

Unsure of what products are "cone-free"? Here is a list of sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners:

Cone-Free Listing :

Abba Crème-Masque Conditioner

Abba Moisture Scensation Conditioner

Abba Nourishing Leave-On Conditioner

Abba Recoup ConditionerAbba Thickening Conditioner

Abba True Curls Conditioner

Abba True Curls Activating Tonic

Abba True Shine Conditioner

Abba TruMint Conditioner

Alberto V05 Blushin’ Apple conditioner

Alberto V05 Free Me Freesia conditioner

Alberto V05 Extra Body conditioner

Alberto V05 Kiwi and Lime Squeeze conditioner

Alberto V05 Moisture Milks Strawberries and Cream conditioner

Alberto V05 Peaches & Cream

Alberto V05 Strawberries and Cream

Alberto V05 Sun Kissed Raspberry conditioner

Alberto V05 Tangerine Tickle conditioner

Alberto V05 Tea Therapy Nourishing conditioner

Aloe Desert Herb Revitalizing Conditioner

Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner

Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing conditioner

Aubrey Organics Island Naturals Replenishing conditioner

Aubrey Organics Jojoba

Auntie Rhubarb Moisture Bomb

Aussie Conditioner, Mega for Normal Hair

Australian Organics Extra Body Conditioner for Fine, Limp + Oily Hair

Australian Organics Nourishing Restorative Conditioner for Dry, Colored or Chemically Treated Hair

Australian Organics Replenishing Balancing Conditioner For Normal Hair

Avalon Organic Botanicals Therapeutic Conditioner,
Revitalizing Peppermint

Avalon Organic Botanicals Therapeutic Conditioner, Volumizing Rosemary

Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Thickening Conditioner

Avalon Organics Conditioner Moisturizing Awapuhi Mango

Avalon Organics Tea Tree Mint Treatment Conditioner

Aveda Deep Penetrating Hair Revitalizer

Aveda Rosemary Mint Conditioner

Beauty Without Cruelty Conditioner, Daily Benefits

Beauty Without Cruelty Conditioner,
Moisture Plus Without Cruelty Conditioner,
Volume Plus for Fine Hair
Beauty Without Cruelty Leave-In Conditioner,

RevitalizeBiolage by Matrix Conditioning Balm

Biolage by Matrix Fortifying Conditioner

Bumble & Bumble Leave-in conditioner

Bumble & Bumble Seaweed conditioner

Carol’s Daughter Khoret Amen Shea Butter Hair

SmoothieDesert Essence Daily Replenishing Tea Tree Conditioner with Organic Tea Tree Oil

Elucence Moisture Balancing ConditionerElucence Protective Barrier Balm

Elucence Extended Moisture Repair Treatment

EO Coco Chamomile & Honey Conditioner

EO French Lavender Conditioner

EO Rosemary & Mint Conditioner

Frederic Fekkai Full Volume Conditioner

Frederic Fekkai Technician Conditioner

Freeman Papaya and Awapuhi, High Tide Volume Conditioner

Freeman Papaya and Lime, Overboard Shine Conditioner

Freeman Papaya and Mango, Massive Moisture 3 Minute
Garnier Fructis (Fine Hair)

Giovanni 50/50 Balanced Hair Remoisturizer conditioner

Giovanni Direct Leave-in

Giovanni Magnetic Restruxturing

Giovanni More Body - Leave-in Hair Thickener

Giovanni Nutrafix (reconstructor)

Giovanni Smooth as Silk conditioner

Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat conditioner

Jason Natural Cosmetics Hemp Enriched Conditioner

Jason Natural Cosmetics Henna Hi-Lites Conditioner

Jason Natural Cosmetics Lavender Conditioner (Organic Hair Strengthening)

Jason Natural Cosmetics Natural Apricot Conditioner (Super Shine)

Jason Natural Cosmetics Natural Biotin Conditioner (Hair Fortifying)

Jason Natural Cosmetics Pure Aloe Vera Conditioner (Hair Soothing)

Jason Natural Cosmetics Rosewater Conditioner (Organic Hair Smoothing)

Jason Natural Cosmetics Natural Sea Kelp Conditioner (Hair Moisturizing)

Jason Natural Cosmetics Scalp Balancing Natural Jojoba Conditioner

Jason Natural Cosmetics Vitamin E with A & C Conditioner (Body Enhancing)

Jessicurl Aloeba Daily Conditioner

Jessicurl Too Shea Extra Moisturizing Conditioner

John Masters Organics Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor

John Masters Organics Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner

JOICO moisturizer

Color Maintenance Conditioner

Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner

Kiss My Face Big Body Conditioner, Volumizing

Kiss My Face Miss Treated Conditioner, Replenishing

Le Kair Cholesterol Plus Aloe Formula Conditioner

Living Nature Manuka Nourishing Conditioner

Miessence B5 Hair Repair Leave-in

Miessence Shine Herbal Hair Conditioner

Modern Organic lemongrass Conditioner (fine hair)

Modern Organic Glisten Conditioner (Chemically Treated Hair)

Modern Organic Mixed Greens Conditioner (Normal to Dry Hair)

Method Diamond Mist Conditioner

Morrocco Method Volumizer Mist Conditioner

Nature's Gate Aloe Vera Conditioner

Nature’s Gate Biotin Conditioner Gel

Nature’s Gate Herbal Conditioner

Nature’s Gate Jojoba Conditioner

Nature’s Gate Keratin Conditioner

Nature’s Gate Lavender & Aloe Conditioner

Nature’s Gate Organics Fruit Blend Chamomile & Lemon Verbena Conditioner

Gate Organics Fruit Blend Grapefruit and Wild Ginger Conditioner

Nature’s Gate Organics Fruit Blend Lavender & Aloe Conditioner

Nature’s Gate Organics Fruit Blend Persimmon and Rose Geranium Conditioner

Nature’s Gate Organics Tea Tree & Blue Cypress Conditioner

Nature’s Gate Organics Victorian Emerald Cypress Conditioner

Nature’s Gate Rainwater Herbal Awapuhi Conditioner

Nature’s Gate Rainwater Herbal Hemp Conditioner

Nature’s Gate Rainwater Herbal Henna Conditioner

Nature's GateRainwater Herbal Rosemary Conditioner

Nature’s Gate Rainwater Herbal Sea Kelp and Aloe Conditioner

Nature’s Gate Soy Fragrance-Free Conditioner

Nature’s Gate Organics Fruit Blend Asian Pear and Red Tea conditioner

Nature’s Gate Organics Fruit Blend Mandarin Orange and Patchouli conditioner

Nature’s Gate Rainwater Tea Tree Oil conditioner

Nexxus Ensure Acidifying Conditioner & Detangler

Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing ConditionerNo Rinse Hair Conditioner

Organic Excellence Mint Conditioner

Philosophy the big blow off, liquid protein hair conditioner

Prairie Naturals Badlands

Prairie Naturals Chinook

Prairie Naturals Harvestmoon

Progaine Weightless Conditioner

Pro-Vitamin SYSTEME Intensive conditioner repair creme

Pure-A-Teas Green Tea

Pure-A-Teas Lotus

Redken Fresh Curls Conditioner

Regis Design Line Olive Oil Conditioner

Regis Design Line Olive Oil Masque

Sebastian Instant Conditioner

Sebastian Slinky Conditioner

Shikai Color Reflect Daily Moisture Conditioner

Suave Aloe VeraSuave Juicy Green Apple

Suave Milk and Honey conditioner

Suave Naturals Citrus Smoothie

Suave Naturals Conditioner, Juicy Green Apple

Suave Naturals Conditioner, Tropical Coconut

TIGI Bed Head Moisture Maniac Conditioner

TIGI Catwalk Oatmeal & Honey conditioner

Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner

Ultra Swim - Ultra Swim ConditionerTimotei Honey and Monoi Conditioner

Wella Balsam for dry and damaged hair

Wella Flash Flood Hydrating Vitality Blast

Weleda Rosemary Phyto Hair Conditioner

White Rain Energizing CitrusWhite Rain Extra Body conditioner

White Rain Jasmine conditioner

White Rain Regular conditioner

Cone-Free Leave in’s:

Carol’s Daughter Flowers & Herbs Leave-In Conditioner-General

Carol’s Daughter Flowers & Herbs Leave-In Conditioner-Indigo

Kiehl’s Leave-In Hair Conditioner

Pantene Pro-V Shining Start Conditioner Mid-Range

Nutritive Lait Vital Proteine Conditioner

Neutrogena Clean Conditioner, Replenishing

Samy Curls Conditioner

Rusk Sensories Moist Sunflower & Apricot Creme Treatment Conditioner

St. Ives Extra Body Conditioner with Chamomile & Sunflower

St. Ives Revitalizing Conditioner with Aloe Vera & Echinacea

Suave Professionals Color Care Conditioner

Mid-Range Leave-Ins...Low-End Cones

Aussie Moist Conditioner for Dry/Damaged Hair

Nexxus VitaTress Conditioning Volumizer

Paul Mitchell Color Protect Daily Conditioner

Rusk Sensories Calm Guarana & Ginger 60 Second Hair Conditioner

Samy Smooth Conditioner

Henna Gold Highlighting Conditioner

St. Ives Extra Body Conditioner with Chamomile & Sunflower

Suave Naturals Citrus Smoothie Conditioner

Suave Naturals Ocean Breeze Conditioner

Suave Professionals Color Care Conditioner

Suave Professionals Sleek Conditioner

TRESemme European Conditioner, Vitamin E Moisture Rich

TRESemme Total Solutions Intense Moisture Conditioner, Intense for Dry/Damaged Hair

Low-End Leave-ins:

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, Original

Nexxus Headress Volumizing Leave-In Conditioner

Sexy Hair Concepts Big Sexy Hair Big Volume Conditioner

Water Soluble Cones:

Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Treatment

Suave Professionals Awapuhi Conditioner

Suave Professionals BioBasics Conditioner

Suave Professionals Conditioner, Amplifying

Suave Professionals Conditioner,

SleekOn-Line Cone-Free Conditioner Listing:( ( Scents Cedar Forest

Healing Scents Citrus Rain

Healing Scents Dreams of Spring

Healing Scents Herbal Essences

Healing Scents I Love Lavenders

Healing Scents Jasmine Dream

Healing Scents Juniper Forest

Healing Scents Raspberry Kissed

Healing Scents Roses in Spring

Healing Scents Ylang Ylang( ( Herbal Conditioner ( (

ConditionerBanana Creme ConditionerSweet Citrus Conditioner

HoneyBerry Conditioner

HoneyLemon Conditioner

HoneyNut Conditioner

Jamaica Island Conditioner

MYHoneyChild Fragrance-Free ConditionerSoy Pure and Balancing Conditioner( (’t Wait Demeter Hair Conditioner

Crypt Hair ConditionerDead on Chocolate Hair Conditioner

Dervish Hair Conditioner

Fairy Wings Hair Conditioner

Funeral Flowers Hair Conditioner

Gothic Rose Hair Conditioner

Graveyard Hair Conditioner

Heathen Hair Conditioner

Mayhem Hair Conditioner

Nocturnal Hair Conditioner

Nothingness Hair Conditioner

Samhain Hair Conditioner

Seasons Greetings Hair Conditioner

Seattle Rain Hair Conditioner

Shadows Hair Conditioner

Tea & Sympathy Hair Conditioner

Vanilla Hell Hair Conditioner

Wicked Hair Conditioner

Hair Lingo !

Do you know what "HG", "EVOO", and "BAA" mean? Sometimes Curly Hair lingo can sound like a foreign language. LOL Here is a guide to help you navigate hair sites with ease!!

Some definitions
'poo = shampoo *

Condish = conditioner*

pineapple = gathering hair gently on top of head with a scrunchie to preserve curls for 2nd day hair*

2nd Day Hair = Hair that looks good enough the day after styling that it can just be misted with water or have a little product added try to revive and refresh its style.*

The Mother Ship = Devachan Salon in NYC (Lorraine Massey's) *

Canopy = the top layer of hair, which is exposed to the elements the most, and is prone to frizzing*

Scrunch = encourage curl or apply product by gently squeezing/pushing hair upward from end toward root.*

Crunch = the hard, crunchy feeling left by some gels when they dry, which can sometimes be scrunched out. *

Clumping = strands of hair clumping together to form bigger, chunkier curls *

PJ = Product Junkie (addicted to trying the next new, possibly better hair product)*

Shrinkage = shortening of length due to curl tightness*

SLS = Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (surfactant found in most shampoos) *

PVP = A polymer found in most gels *

plop = method of wrapping wet hair in t-shirt/microfiber towel*

quats = polyquaternium polymers found in styling products *

clarify = remove build-up from the hair via ACV, lemon juice, or shampooing *

Sallys = Sally Beauty Supply*

Fotki page- picture sharing website to chronicle natural hair journey. *

Some abbreviations:
ACV: Apple cider vinegar.*

B&A: Batia & Aleeza *

BAA: Big-ass afro *

BTW: By the way. *

CCSS: Jessicurl Confident Coils Styling Solution*

CG: Curly Girl routine or "

Curly Girl," the book by Lorraine Massey *

CK: CHS (Curly Hair Solutions) Curl Keeper*

CO: conditioner or "conditioner-only" as in not using shampoo

CON: Cream of Nature *

DH: Dear or darling husband*

DT: deep (conditioning) treatment*

EOs: essential oilsElucence *

MBC: Moisture Balancing ConditionerETA: Edited to add*

EVOO: extra virgin olive oil *

FOTE: Fruit of the Earth (aloe vera gel)*

HCC: Jessicurl Hair Cleansing Cream *

HE: Herbal Essences *

HG: holy grail *

HTH: Hope that helps*

HO: Humble opinion *

ITA: In total agreement or I totally agree *

IMHO: In my humble opinion *

KWIM: Know what I mean? *

LOL: Laughing out loud *

LOTD = Lily of the Desert (aloe vera gel)*

M&H = Milk & Honey (as in Suave Milk & Honey conditioner)*

MO: My opinion. *

Nexxus POTAR = Phyto Organics The Arts Emphasis*

GelORS = Organic Root Stimulator *

Ouidad CC = Climate Control GelOuidad*

CQ = Curl Quencher *

PHHB: Panyhose head band *

PM: Paul Mitchell or private message*

RR = Jessicurl Rocking Ringlets Styling Potion*

SAO: Sweet almond oil *

SO = significant other *

TIA = thanks in advance*

TR: Thermal reconditioning*

TS = Jessicurl Too Shea conditioner*

TTO = tea tree oil *

TWA: Teeny weeny afro*

What's your hairtype????

Not sure? Check out this hair classification system developed by stylist Andre Walker.

Find out your hair type by clicking here:

How do YOU feel about classifying hair by types? Is this just another form of "good hair/bad hair"? I'd like to know YOUR thoughts!
How do YOU pre-poo????

First off, what IS a pre-poo?? A pre-poo is a pre-shampoo treatment applied to the hair or scalp, left on for a period of time, and then shampooed out. You can apply oils (c0conut, olive, jojoba, etc.) or conditioners, or even a combination of the two! Usually a hot,damp towel and /or plastic cap are worn to seal in the moisture.

Here are some pre-poos YOU can try:

* Conditoner: Suave Milk & Honey or any conditioner , EVOO, honey

* Lekair Cholesterol and carrot oil.

* Africa's Best Hair Mayo mixed w/ EVOO.

* Lustrasilk Shea Butter with olive oil

* mixture of Aubrey Organics GBP with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil & Organic Honey and sit under the dryer for 30 mins

* Pre-poo on dry hair overnight or for as long as you like.

* 2 eggs-1 tablespoon of olive oil-1-2 tablespoons of Queen Helene Cholesterol