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Monday, June 15, 2009

My College Classmate, Monica Bowie, is STILL Missing.....

Monica has been missing since July 5, 2006. There have been no published leads in some time now. Chances are, you haven't even heard of this case. Nancy Grace had her family on her show ONE TIME. In contrast, families of Natalee Hollaway, Caylee Anthony, and other missing people have been on her show night NIGHTLY for months at a time. A lot of the articles I've read about Monica have included some very negative information about her lifestyle, none of which I will mention. I don't think any of that determines a person's "worthiness" to be found.

I think about Monica all the time. I just visited my alma mater yesterday, and I felt bad that Monica wasn't able to do the same thing. Someone, SOMEWHERE knows something! I can't even imagine what her family is going through.

Anyone with information about Monica can call DeKalb County Police at (770) 724-7850.

Missing Woman's Family Still Hopes

Their hands clasped in prayer, family and friends of a missing DeKalb County woman sought strength from a higher power before hitting the streets for a second time this week, hoping to find out what happened to Monica Bowie. Police believe someone kidnapped 34-year-old Bowie from the Berkshires at the Lenox Park Apartment complex July 5. Neighbors heard a scream then saw a car drive away. That car was later found in southwest Atlanta.

Wearing shirts displaying her image, loved ones fanned out across Buckhead Friday, passing out flyers and going door-to-door talking to neighbors. DeKalb County Police showed for support but currently have no leads in the case. Linda Howard refers back to a higher power when it comes to the answer to her daughter's whereabouts.
"When he decides, it will end," Howard said. "She still is missing. She will be found."

On Thursday, this same group of friends and family went door to door in that neighborhood, hoping someone saw something. Saturday, they returned to Bowie's neighborhood. The group stopped cars, covered windshields and hit high rises with flyers. Linda Howard wants her 34-year-old daughter's face everywhere.

"She's somebody's daughter," Gerald Griggs, Bowie's attorney. "Let this end!"
A reward fund has been established in her hometown of Pittsburgh and in Atlanta. Donations can be made at any
Bank of America.
The tips below were posted on an article from March 31, 2008 on
Here's how we can all take action and do our best to keep Monica's name alive and let Monica know that we are still searching for her. If you would like to help, there are several things you can do:
1. Distribute her flyer. You can print them out or place it on your blog, website or Myspace/Facebook pages. You can find the flyer at the DeKalb County Police Department's website here.
2. Use Monica's picture as your avatar on message boards or social networks until she is found. I have uploaded one on Flickr for public use here.
3. Contact the media and demand that they cover or do an update on Monica's case. has a list of media contacts for all states. To find the contacts for Georgia's news stations, papers, tv and radio stations click here. You can also find a list of national news stations by going to the page entitled "Media Contact List" on the right sidebar of
4. Donate to the Monica Renee Bowie Reward Fund at any National City Bank under Linda Howard, Trustee to help cover for any costs that might help Monica's case. There is also a fund in Bank of America in Atlanta.
5. Or you simply copy and paste this post on your blog or send it to your email contacts to help spread the word. Any help that you can give is great. I'm sure Monica's family will really appreciate us being involved in her case. If you want to read more about Monica's case, I compiled a list of articles below:


ChocolateOrchid said...

I hate to hear this. What's worse is I'm in Atlanta and hadn't caught this news. Like you stated, I've heard more about Natalee and Caylee and other. But not of Monica's abduction.

Luvbenet-- said...

I actually heard more about Monica's disappearance/abduction from Pittsburgh newspapers and news programs than in Atlanta. (She is originally from PA and moved to GA after she graduated from college.)

I can't believe you haven't heard anything about this in Atlanta.I guess black women are just considered "disposable" to the media. I have been trying to keep the word out as much as I can, because I think, if nothing else her family deserves closure.