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Monday, April 27, 2009

My Hair Today

Okay, so it's ANOTHER hot day in Philly! I'm not sure if you know, but I teach 2nd grade, and our classroom is sticky as I don't know what! LOL. I normally wash and twist my hair on Sunday nights, but I didn't get around to it last night, so my hair is a wreck! I have a hair style I use in a pinch, when I'm in between washings., It's kind of a "pouf" in front and a "puff" in back!!!

I achieve this style by pinning the front up. and securing the back in a black elastic band. I like it sloppy... so other than twisting my front curlies around my finger, I don't do much of anything else to my hair. It takes 5 minutes, and it's NO FUSS, NO MUSS! Exactly what I need for a hot day like today! LOL

Well, I'm going to drink my Mango frosty and enjoy the rest of my lunch period. Stay cool!


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