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Saturday, April 18, 2009

What's your hairtype????

Not sure? Check out this hair classification system developed by stylist Andre Walker.

Find out your hair type by clicking here:

How do YOU feel about classifying hair by types? Is this just another form of "good hair/bad hair"? I'd like to know YOUR thoughts!

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Channyboo23 said...

I know that you posted this like a billion years ago, but I've been wondering what my hair type was just out of curiousity. I did find that the naturally curly website had credible information, however they seemed a little biased when it came to type 4 hair. I was really upset when they claimed that this sort of hair doesnt grow fast unless its in locs. And besides as naturals we know that we dont have to comb our hair every single day or at all in order to style it. I think that hair typing can be a form of the good hair/bad hair stereotypes when types 1 through 3 are favored overly the equally beautiful and equally abundant 4 types.