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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hair Lingo !

Do you know what "HG", "EVOO", and "BAA" mean? Sometimes Curly Hair lingo can sound like a foreign language. LOL Here is a guide to help you navigate hair sites with ease!!

Some definitions
'poo = shampoo *

Condish = conditioner*

pineapple = gathering hair gently on top of head with a scrunchie to preserve curls for 2nd day hair*

2nd Day Hair = Hair that looks good enough the day after styling that it can just be misted with water or have a little product added try to revive and refresh its style.*

The Mother Ship = Devachan Salon in NYC (Lorraine Massey's) *

Canopy = the top layer of hair, which is exposed to the elements the most, and is prone to frizzing*

Scrunch = encourage curl or apply product by gently squeezing/pushing hair upward from end toward root.*

Crunch = the hard, crunchy feeling left by some gels when they dry, which can sometimes be scrunched out. *

Clumping = strands of hair clumping together to form bigger, chunkier curls *

PJ = Product Junkie (addicted to trying the next new, possibly better hair product)*

Shrinkage = shortening of length due to curl tightness*

SLS = Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (surfactant found in most shampoos) *

PVP = A polymer found in most gels *

plop = method of wrapping wet hair in t-shirt/microfiber towel*

quats = polyquaternium polymers found in styling products *

clarify = remove build-up from the hair via ACV, lemon juice, or shampooing *

Sallys = Sally Beauty Supply*

Fotki page- picture sharing website to chronicle natural hair journey. *

Some abbreviations:
ACV: Apple cider vinegar.*

B&A: Batia & Aleeza *

BAA: Big-ass afro *

BTW: By the way. *

CCSS: Jessicurl Confident Coils Styling Solution*

CG: Curly Girl routine or "

Curly Girl," the book by Lorraine Massey *

CK: CHS (Curly Hair Solutions) Curl Keeper*

CO: conditioner or "conditioner-only" as in not using shampoo

CON: Cream of Nature *

DH: Dear or darling husband*

DT: deep (conditioning) treatment*

EOs: essential oilsElucence *

MBC: Moisture Balancing ConditionerETA: Edited to add*

EVOO: extra virgin olive oil *

FOTE: Fruit of the Earth (aloe vera gel)*

HCC: Jessicurl Hair Cleansing Cream *

HE: Herbal Essences *

HG: holy grail *

HTH: Hope that helps*

HO: Humble opinion *

ITA: In total agreement or I totally agree *

IMHO: In my humble opinion *

KWIM: Know what I mean? *

LOL: Laughing out loud *

LOTD = Lily of the Desert (aloe vera gel)*

M&H = Milk & Honey (as in Suave Milk & Honey conditioner)*

MO: My opinion. *

Nexxus POTAR = Phyto Organics The Arts Emphasis*

GelORS = Organic Root Stimulator *

Ouidad CC = Climate Control GelOuidad*

CQ = Curl Quencher *

PHHB: Panyhose head band *

PM: Paul Mitchell or private message*

RR = Jessicurl Rocking Ringlets Styling Potion*

SAO: Sweet almond oil *

SO = significant other *

TIA = thanks in advance*

TR: Thermal reconditioning*

TS = Jessicurl Too Shea conditioner*

TTO = tea tree oil *

TWA: Teeny weeny afro*

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