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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hey Coily Girls!!!! Hope you're enjoying your weekend. As for me, I'm having a laaaaaazy weekend of sleep, "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reruns and countless cups of my new favorite tea of the moment, Vanilla Caramel Truffle tea. Also feeling a bit nostalgic right now and thinking about summer! I hate cold weather!! It makes me want to hibernate!!! LOL
I know I have been slacking MAJORLY with my blog, but school started last month and it's kind of hard to jump back into that grind again! Finally adjusting and finding some free time.
Have you guys bought your tickets for Michael Jackson's "This Is It?" My boyfriend and I will be catching the premier at midnight on October 27th. Don't ask me HOW I'm going to do this and still make it to work. When I was in college, I could stay up all night long and still make my 8:30 class with no problem!!! It's not so easy now!! I'm still a night owl AND an "early bird", just not when it comes to WORK!! LOL I'm looking forward to the movie though!!
Speaking of movies, have any of you seen "Good Hair" yet? I was hoping to see it today, but my boyfriend has a ton of work for school, so maybe we'll go tomorrow.
Well, once again, I want to apologize for my hiatius!! I've been in a serious hair RUT too, and I am once again contemplating going back to black hair. Dilemmas, dilemmas!!!! LOL
Enjoy your weekend, Coily Girls!!


Tina said...

Hey Robs! Welcome back! Good to see you posting again!

the golden sparkle said...

Your hair is so pretty!!!