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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hello Hydration conditioner: Holy Grail???

I tried Hello Hydration conditioner again for the first time since I bc'ed. That was back when I was buying a ton of products on a whim because I still had no idea what to do with this new SHORT hair! LOL!! Back then I wasn't crazy about it. Probably because I still had straight pieces and it didn't really seem to be doing anything special for my hair. Well, I ran out of my Trader Joe Nourish conditioner , but really needed to co-wash my hair today. I had NO CHOICE but to give the Hello Hydration another whirl!

Surprise, surprise! I like this stuff! It's a nice, thick conditioner that I could feel start to work as soon as I put it on!! I also like the smell. It made my hair curl up nicely, which was another unexpected surprise. I actually did my first wash and go of the fall, and it turned out better with this stuff than with my Cantu'!!

Don't get me wrong... by no means will Hello Hydration become my new conditioner. I love the Trader Joe Nourish, which is sulfate-free. Hello Hydration does have cones, and I would never use its shampoo. But at least now I know I can use that for a nice wash and go!! Maybe I need to retry my Garnier Fructis..... hmmmm. LOL


Anonymous said...

Hey LuvBenet:)

I like hello hydration too, but long term relationship is the one I use the most when I am out of Trader Joes. I am glad to find inexpensive conditioners:)

How are the students this year?

Luvbenet-- said...

Hey Caramelnaps!!!! I'm so late w/ the HH!!! Good to know we can use it if we need to!

My students are very smart, but soooo talkative!!! Behavior's not a problem so much, but those little mouths.... OMG! LOL

Tina said...

You know what really works well for me as my daily leave-in? Tressemme vitamin e moisture rich conditioner. A HUGE bottle is like $6 dollars. It is THE bomb leave-in! Leaves my curls soft when they dry after I scrunch them a few times, controls frizz and best yet, no build up. It never fails.

OMB said...

I love love love hello hydration. I'm currently out of it and trying other cheaper conditioners and they just don't compare. I go to trader joes often and didn't know about their conditioner...that will be the next one I try...thanks for the tip.