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Friday, October 23, 2009

Finally figured it out.....

The only product I can use from Miss Jessie's is the Curly Meringue. I used that, some shea butter, and a little coconut oil. Finally got the right mix...

I found 6 locations that sell Miss Jessie's in my area, and even found a Deva Curl salon yesterday. I'm thinking that might be better than the natural hair salon I've been going to. Have any of you ever gone to one and how would you compare it to a regular natural hair salon? My salon only seems to know about locs.


bean_bzb said...

Hey your hair looks great!

I've been two different deva curl hair stylists and I like the technique, especially the last one. Now, if she hadn't messed up my color I would have had the perfect stylist! :(

Luvbenet-- said...

I really want to try it, because the salon I went to knew nothing about cutting hair! I felt baldheaded when I left there.

Plus they were so rough when they detangled my hair!