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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Am I the only one who thinks Solange is fly??? I have always loved her style, even prior to his haircut. I bought both of her albums and although I can't say I LOVED every song, I definitely appreciate her creativity. Contrary to popular belief, musically, she has never tried to do what Beyonce is doing and has tried to be her own person.

I'm really glad to see that Honey Magazine is back!! I used to have a subsciption to it back in the day. Will I subscribe again??? I don't know. Probably not! I read a lot of on-line magazines and blogs now and don't really need to!! Besides, I already subscribe to Essence and Stylewatch, and that's just too much paper cluttering up my space!!


Tina said...

I love her new look. Truthfully i never even noticed before her style or her face behind that miles of weave!

Anonymous said...

I love Solange. I love her style and that she does her own thing. I've seen her in concert and she is literally on the other end of the spectrum from her sis. She has a mouth on her too! I love that she is not afraid to voice her opinion and mean what she says!