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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Good Morning, Coily Girls!!!!!

We're a balmy 32 degrees in Philly today, so my hair can breathe a sigh of relief. (albeit, a veeeeeery SMALL sigh!!) We've been experiencing windchills in the teens, and it has wreaked havoc on both my skin AND my hair!!! So.... anyway, I had a hair appointment yesterday to touch up my color and have my hair deep conditioned. I never have my hair styled, because as we know twists can be VERY costly when you get them done in the salon. I left with my hair in a puff, and twisted it when I got home.

Well, I've come to the conclusion, that one side of my hair is the BAD SIDE of my hair, determined to do its own thing, no matter how much I try to cajole it to behave. It just doesn't respond well to washing!!!! I can't even blame it on my twists being damp, because they were BONE DRY this morning!!!

When I do a side part, it's not so noticeable, but I've been wearing a middle part lately, and I can really tell how different each side is! LOL.... I did the same exact things to both sides, but I still get VERY different results. Does this happen to you??

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ChocolateOrchid said...

Hi Luvbenet!

I've noticed that both sides of my are not identical twins. My right side shrinks a little more than my left side. It's kind of annoying but I've just come to accept it.

Maybe one day...