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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Feeling kind of nostalgic today!!! I was thinking about some of the music I used to listen to in college. "For Real" was a quartet of natural sistas rockin teeny weeny afros! I loved their style!

I used to love this group back in my college days when I was serious about trying my hand in music. I love to sing, and was always starting up female singing groups or trying to sing hooks on somebody's hip hop track. These are some of the other groups we would emulate:

Remember "Blackgirl"? 
"Nuttin Nyce" was like the poor man's TLC, but I loved this group!!!

Wow.... I loved "Sista" because I seriously thought I was gonna marry DeVante Swing some day. LOL

Loved this group!

I miss the  90's..... best time of my life!  lol


Tina aka Beanie said...

Oooh...don't forget Zhane!

caramelnaps25 said...

Weren't the 90s it? I was in the Dirty South so it was ALL about TLC, SWV, early 90s still a little Salt and Pepa, Zhane, Aaliyah, Kut Klose, Brownstone, En Vogue, Michele'- girl you are bringing back memories! Ain't nothing like the 90s! My roommate hid my TLC tape! Yes tape, cause I would play it to "death!" LOL!

Luvbenet-- said...

@ Beanie... funny you should say that! I was about to put Zhane on here!

@ Caramel..... I miss music like this! I honestly feel like I'm too old for most of the stuff that's on the radio now!!! LOL