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Friday, May 22, 2009

Single, BROKE Female...

Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I had to put the trim and color on hold. For one thing, I am completely, FLAT BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate when that happens on a holiday weekend, because that just gives me an extra day to be at home MISERABLE and realizing how BROKE I am!!! At least work would give me a distraction! To makes things worse, I heard the weather's going to be BEAUTIFUL this weekend! LOL

Needless to say, I don't have big plans for the weekend. My original plan was to hit the beach and boardwalk and just enjoy the sun. I may STILL do that, but we'll see. The truth is, I have been in a hole, financially speaking, since Christmas. I always tend to over-spend during the holidays when it comes to gifts for friends and loved ones. The result is, I end up paying, at least until the summertime, when I can recoup that money by teaching summer school. This Christmas will be different!!! I will no longer do this to myself!! LOL

On a positive note, my diet is going well. I am at 123 lbs now. The only place I really notice the weight coming off is my waist, and that's not really where I needed it!!! All of my clothes are really loose in the waist now, but I still don't see my ABS! LOL This means I need to kick the cardio up a notch!!!! I think I'll buy "Hip Hop Abs" next week.

Well, lunch is over. Gotta get the kiddies from the schoolyard. Here we go.... 33 rounds of "He hit me!", "She kicked me!" LOL

Have a good day!!!!!!!! LOL


ChocolateOrchid said...

Hey Lady!
I feel your pain. Been there done that. I guess we all can relate right now w/this economy. I'm alot more conscious of my purchasing decisions. I have to be nowadays.

Let me know how the "Hip Hop Abs" tape is. Sounds fun.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend regardless of cashflow.

Deborah Estelle said...

Hang in there girl! Enjoy the sun as you said! Some days are challenging I know! It's like that for me now... But somehow God shows His faithfulness in what we need!

P.S. - Yeah, uhhhh, don't do that to yourself anymore! I have been guilty of the same but sometimes you've got to make a gift! Or give out holiday hugs! LOL!