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Friday, May 8, 2009

My Hair Today

Okay... so the twistout only made it a couple days this time! LOL Normally, I can stretch it out until at least Sunday. I HATE doing my hair, and I usually try to wash it once a week during the school year. For some reason, people kept touching my hair this week and ruining my curl definition! LOL

For some reason, people don't understand that even though my hair is NATURAL, I am not trying to wear it PUFFY and in afro everyday! Sometimes I want the curly look, in which case, the untrained hand can totally mess up my look! They tend to puff it up at the roots when they touch it, and pretty much, my hair can't recover from that without having to be re-twisted.

Alas... the puff. Three days early! LOL . I usually like my puffs kind of sloppy. Sometimes I slick it back w/ IC gel for a wavy kind of look, but most of the time, I like it wild.

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