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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Weight Loss Progress...
So.. I've been dieting for the past few weeks. I am a size 5, but I have gained a little weight around my stomach from just being a PIG for the past few years!!! I have never really watched what I ate because I have been skinny my whole life. If anything, I was always trying to GAIN weight!!

So.... I've been really watching my calorie intake. I started at 128 lbs. I've lost 4 lbs so far. (I haven't weighed myself in a week, because I have cheated a little on my diet!!) I had a Chocolate Wave dessert at Red Lobster. Well.... I had NO IDEA how many calories were in that thing!!! 1,490 to be exact. At least I didn't eat the whole thing in one day, but still!! Well, I also ate two cheddar bay biscuits. They are 150 calories a piece. I also had a salad and a broiled seafood platter. The platter was 325 calories. When you see how many calories a certain food is, it definitely makes you reluctant to slip up! LOL

In light of me "falling off the wagon", I have decided not to weigh myself again until next week. I have made other significant dietary changes too. I now drink soy milk, and what's weird is I actually like it. I want to try almond and rice milk too. I have cut out fried foods, sodas and fruit drinks. Now I drink mostly water or real juice. I was never a big beef eater, but I have also cut down on chicken. When I do eat fish, I don't eat a lot of it, and I eat more vegetables. I read somewhere that you should always eat smaller portions and leave something on your plate each time. I try not to eat over 1300 calories per day. This had been easy for me prior to the Red Lobster visit.

I'm proud of myself for having the discipline to stick to my diet. Websites like and have also helped a great deal. I'll keep you posted.

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