Monday, December 14, 2009

What do YOU think??  I jacked these pics from  and was amazed at some of the IGNORANT comments people posted about Willow and Jaiden Smith's hairstyles!!!  Personally, I LOVE Jaiden's hair! It's gorgeous!!  A lot of the negative posters seemed to think he looked "unkempt". I totally disagree! I love these stylish kids!

I admit, I do think Willow is a little young for such a cut, but it does look cute on her. I don't think I would let my daughter (if I had one) shave her head like that. So.... what do YOU think???


the golden sparkle said...

yeah i think she's too young.celebrities let their kids do whatever these

Tina aka Beanie said...

I think they both look really cute! Jaden fro would make MJ and Foster Silver (remember him?) proud!

Anna Renee said...

I wouldn't let my little girl get such an adult cut! A little too sexy! lol Makes me nervous. Her curls were so cute! Now she's permed. Sigh! Just my opinion.