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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just call me FRIZZBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, what a FRIZZY week this has been! My twistouts have really been failing me this week and I've been ending up with puffiness like you wouldn't believe!!!!! So, I think I'm done trying to wear my hair completely out for a while. For one thing, my front sides have been looking terrible. Time to give them a break.

What I'll be doing is wearing a ton of accessories! I've invested in some really cute headbands with bows, feathers and flowers. I already have an arsenal of barrettes and pins.

I'll also be rocking braids. I like to do a fat braid across the front of my hair and then the back is just out. The braid holds my hair away from my face.Then the back can puff out as much as it wants, and I still have a cute hairstyle.

Next issue, DRYNESS... it's BACK!!! LOL I've been piling on the shea, and it seems to be just sitting on top of my hair and not sinking in!! In fact, when I touch my hair, my hand gets greasy, so I know I've used more than enough shea!!!! My solution? Wash my hair and DEEP CONDITION!!!! Once my hair has reached this degree of dryness, I have no other alternative. Yeah, I can put it off for a minute, but my hair will repay me by being a hot, frizzy, dry MESS!! LOL

I'm still using Hair Mayonnaise and my Knight's conditioner for now, but I am going to try one of the Shea Moisture conditioners Target sells. I know there are a TON of pricey conditioners on the market, but experience has taught me that I don't need to pay a lot for hair products! I read labels! I know what NOT to use on my hair!

I was debating on whether or not to go black or stay with my tobacco brown color. I've decided to stay with tobacco and then go dark for the fall. I've had light hair for so long, I almost don't remember what I look like with black hair!! lol I love THIS color.... maybe I'll go a little lighter!

Well, time to start my day. I'm up early as usual, and I MUST have my CHAI!! lol. Have a GREAT weekend!! :)


caramelnaps25 said...

I am also having problems with frizz, puffiness and DRYNESS. I cut some heat damaged pieces and that seems like it started a frizzy chain reaction:) I am in search of a deep conditioner that works! I was told at a salon to try Curls line or one other that I can't remember. I too am not impressed with the pricy products that do little. I have tried a few, but am not a product junkie by any means. I need to get some shea butter, but I didn't find much success in the yellow stuff I bought before. Maybe I got the wrong kind, lol.

Make sure you post some pics with the hair adornments and the braid in the front. I need ideas for easy styles this summer.

ChocolateOrchid said...

With the humidity the way it is lately, I've decided to mainly do buns this summer. On top of which, I'm bored with my twist-outs.

I was having issues with my bun going dry but I think I've found a combo that works. I just used Qhemet's Burdock Root Buttercreme then top that off with Qhemet's Amla Oil Pomade. Seems to be working so far.

I also would love to see pics of your hair w/the accessories you've gotten. I need some ideas.