Thursday, May 6, 2010

Good Morning, Coily Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Counting down the days to summer vacation!!! These kids are driving me insane!!!!! Also trying to get my paperwork in to go back for my second master's degree.I am going back in either Summer II or September.

I'm still undecided about what I want to get it in! In a way, I want a change of pace.... away from kids. But... do I really want to throw away all those invested years and start all over again, possibly even at a lower salary??

I've done the corporate thing already, which was the reason I started teaching in the first place!!! I need to decide FAST!!

Anyway, this is my hair today. It is super puffy because of the humidity! LOL You can get an idea of how long it is now because I'm stretching it in this pic.

Right now I'm enjoying a nice break from my class, which is in Gym right now. I have about 15 minutes of peace left.

Summer..... come on!!!! Enjoy your day!!


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Your hair is so fab! By the way,I teach as well. I have a master's degree and I am itching to get out of the classroom atleast. Those jobs aren't easy to come by apparently!

Luvbenet-- said...

@ God's Favorite Shoes..... so you feel my pain!!! LOL It kind of feels like once you start teaching, you're STUCK!!!

I need to be out of the classroom within the next 3 years, because our school district caps your salary at your 11th year, and then you only get raises everytime the contract is renewed! I refuse to work without getting a yearly raise!! LOL

OMB said...

I'm not an educator, but my husband is and I know your pain!!!! You do have to do what will make you happy. The politics of the school system is terrible. These kids need good teachers in their lives, but the system just piles on more and more work for the teacher without any compensation. Good luck in your new pursuits.
BTW...your hair looks great.

Luvbenet-- said...

Hey OMB!!!! Girl.... it seems like the each year it gets worse!!!I have the "highest" level kids, which is supposed to be every teacher's dream... but the behavior is really the same as the "lowest" level... so does it even MATTER? lol

None of them want to work, they think they know everything because they read above grade level, but they don't want to take in any NEW information!! LOL

Thanks for letting me vent, OMB!! LOL I appreciate the well wishes and hair compliment as well!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey luvbenet! I am in education also. I am in GA (of course you already knew that) and we are taking major cuts. We are losing 573 teachers 21 counselors and 34 graduation coaches which was my current position. Now I am back in the classroom. The jobs outside of the classroom are the first to be elminated during a rif! I am waiting to see what I will be teaching adn where next year! I am looking to fall back on my very new cosmetology certificate as an assistant this summer to garner more experience. I did the going back to get an admin degree and began working on a doctorate. Now it isn't even worth it because teachers are being let go!

People got into education in GA because no other jobs existed, now they are being let go! It is CRAZY! I am looking to create something so I can "get rich," and not have to work for someone else. LOL!

Oh I totally feel you on the students. I worked at an at-risk school for eleven years, before moving to a school with a considerable amoount of gifted students. I saw my share of students who were gifted, but were referred for RTI (special ed) due to lack of motivation for the most part. They would test so high that they would never qualify, but the parents would want them tested when they didn't make ALL 100s!