Monday, November 9, 2009

SHEA, SHEA, SHEA... is all I can say!!!!!LOL It is what works for me more than any other product so far for my twist-outs and to combat dryness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can someone please remind me of this next time I decide to waste my money on Miss Jessie's or any other trendy products?? Jessie's made my hair look nice for a little while, but I paid for that with DRYNESS!!!! At least with the shea, I don't get those consequences.


curlybean said...

How do you use the Shea? Right out of the shower and then twist? Is there any other product you add for hold? Is the Shea mixed with anything?

I sure could use a cheaper option! :) I hear ya re: baby buttercreme but I still like the regular is different for some reason.

Luvbenet-- said...

Hey Curlybean!!

I use it on slightly damp hair, and sometimes I use it with Twist and Loc Gel(By Organics) and with olive oil to seal it. It has always worked for me. I don't know why I stopped using it!

By the way, it's raw shea butter.

I think the Jessie's doesn't work for me because of the mineral oil.

ChocolateOrchid said...

Lol. After getting successful twist-outs w/Jane Carter products I don't think I'll be purchasing Miss Jessie's this time either. Now that I know I can get the same results without all the extra cost and not-so-good ingredients, I will passing on this years Miss Jessie's sale.

Anonymous said...

hey Luvbenet!

I just ordered some shea butter yesterday! I will be playing around with it over the weekend if it comes in time or definitely during the Thanksgiving break! I can't wait! I need to try some of the basic stuff as well. I notice a lot of dryness or the constant need for a moisturizer when I use Miss Jessie's. I got better results with the Cantu products for a fraction of the cost. I think the hype behind Miss Jessie's is what gets everyone to try it! I've been a sucker too:)

Coniqua said...

Hey, I just found you via FABB, and I'm a Del Vally Dweller myself. I was just about to give the Kinky Curly Custard a try sometime this week any thoughts?

Oh you should also check out blogs her color

Luvbenet-- said...

Hey Coniqua (neighbor)!!! I HATE Kinky Curly!!!! LOL I don't want to make the company go bankrupt so I will change that and say maybe I just didn't figure out the right way to use it!!!!LOL It did nothing for my hair! It has been siting in my closet collecting dust for over a year.

I don't want to discourage you, though. Maybe your hair will like it!!

Luvbenet-- said...

@ Choc. Orchid---- hmmm. Maybe I need to try the Jane Carter when Christmas is over! LOL