Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hey Coily Girls!! I never intended on being gone as long as I was. Tons of things were going on in my life. First and foremost, I was going through issues with my health.  Then it seemed like a long stretch of bad things were happening to people around me, including my bf losing his best friend. I needed to be there for him. Also, I went back to school to get another master's degree and was totally unprepared for how much of a toll that would take on me. Point blank... I just haven't been up to blogging!

Thankfully, things are much better now. I'm on spring break from teaching, and it is MUCH NEEDED. I can already feel the stress leaving my body. I plan to enjoy each day to the fullest!  Also, my bf and I are going to Aruba in a few weeks, and I'm soo looking forward to that.  I hope you've all been well! It's nice to reconnect with everyone again.

Here are some hair pics.  I haven't been doing anything extravagant with my hair. It has grown some, but I have been really negligent with conditioning, so it's not growing as fast as it should.  (And I KNOW better, but sometimes it is what it is!)


Lena's Blend said...

I love your hair color.

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