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How to Do a Thyroid Check |

How to Do a Thyroid Check |


Thyroid disease can have numerous symptoms, including unexplained weight fluctuations, dry eyes, anxiety, depression, infertility, menstrual problems, and fatigue. The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists has published information on how to do a thyroid check. This article passes along this important thyroid screening information. You will find that it is fast and easy to do a thyroid check, so check your thyroid now. A home thyroid check is not replacement for medical care; think of this thyroid check as your first step in screening for thyroid disease.

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    The first step in this thyroid screening is to have everything you need for it close by. You'll want to have a handheld mirror and glass of water within reach so that you can easily grab them when the time comes to check your thyroid.

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    To begin the thyroid check, hold the mirror in your hand. Place the mirror so that it shows the reflection of your neck. You want to be able to see the area between your Adam's apple and your collarbone.

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    The next step in how to do a thyroid check is to slightly tip your head back while still holding the mirror in position.

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    Now take a drink of water. As you swallow, look in the mirror at your neck. Check for any bulges or knots in your neck between the Adam's apple and the collarbone.

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    Repeat step 4 to double-check that there aren't any bulges or knots in your neck as you swallow the water.

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    The final step in doing a thyroid check is to feel for unusual lumps in the neck. Place one hand on the back of the neck, with the fingers holding the base of your head where the top of the spine is. Smooth your fingers along the back of the neck to the front center on one side, checking for lumps. Then do a check for lumps on the other side of the neck.

    If, during this thyroid check, you see bulges or knots or feel lumps on the neck, make an appointment with your doctor for further thyroid screening. Early detection of thyroid disease can make a big difference in the quality of your life!

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