Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hey Coily Girls!!!! Here are some pics of my hair the FEW times I actually did it this summer. I'm telling you, I was extremely lazy with it this summer. Including with deep conditoning, so I had a dry spell too. I'm just recovering from that now. Here are some pics from my bf's nephew's wedding. It was a pretty good hair day, in spite of the humidity.

Me and my BF

OK... let me explain these next few. I was helping my bf do an assignment for school. He needed to make a commercial for a rose. So, he took about a million pics and video of me....

Here is the finished product:

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ChocolateOrchid said...

You look like you had so much fun making that commercial. I like it.

I can feel you on the hair laziness. I've gotten a bit bored with my hair so I've tried different things only to luck up a few times on something cute and new or wind up with a disaster that I quickly bun up. But your hair is still cute. And love the dress you wore to the wedding.