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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Look who uses Miss Jessie's!!

 It's Maia Campbell, thankfully looking better than we've seen her in a looong time. I always liked Maia.

At some point, I plan to revisit Miss Jessie's.... and give her products a try just ONE MORE TIME. One thing I do know, it won't be any time this winter. My hair has been too dry for me to gamble with any new products!!

Well, it's Valentine's Day week! What are your plans for the weekend?? My bf and I plan to go skiing!  I'm excited. I haven't gone in a loong time!  Before I go, I plan to give my hair a good deep conditioning since I know I'll be exposing it to cold temperatures more than usual. The dryness problem is under control, at least for now... but my hair has a mind of its own!!!

1 comment:

ChocolateOrchid said...

Skiing sounds like an awesome adventure. Saturday, me and some friends are going to a "Jiggle It" class at Polelateaz. Can't wait for that one.
I'll be just fasting and chillin' on V-day.