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Friday, February 12, 2010

How will you LOVE your curls this Valentine's weekend??

Hey Coily Girls!!! As I told you a few days ago, my bf and I are thinking of going skiing!!!  In order to prepare my hair, I've decided to dedicate this whole day (Friday) to pre-pooing, co-washing, and deep conditioning my hair!!  I have been negligent and lazy and putting it in puffs a lot more than usual, and my ends have repaid me by becoming very brittle!!

So..... I woke up early this morning to pre-poo my hair with: honey and olive oil. I microwave it for 15 seconds, put it in my hair and pull on a plastic cap.  I left the mix in my hair for 30 min.

Next, I co-washed my hair with Hello Hydration. I ran out of my Trader Joe Nourish, which is my FAVORITE conditioner, so hopefully this won't affect anything. The HH just doesn't work as well for me.

Then I applied my new conditioner I got from my stylist called Knights' Extreme Moisture. Washed it out about 5 minutes later.

Now.... I'm sitting with my Hair Mayonnaise and honey in my hair. Say what you want about Hair Mayo, but it has been the best deep conditioner I have ever used. Nothing soothes my thirsty ends like the HM. One thing I've noticed about the HM, it makes my hair reaaally curly. I can actually put on a headband and walk around with it in public in my hair. It actually looks kinda cute. LOL

I'll leave this in for about 2 hours maybe, and then rinse my hair and twist it it with raw shea butter. Once my hair COMPLETELY dries, it should be perfectly moisturized, albeit a little shrunken.  LOL  It takes my hair a good two days to resume its normal length which is just above shoulder length curly.

By day three, I usually LOVE my hair. I try to wash it a few days in advance when I have plans.

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Tina aka Beanie said...

Have fun...see you guys on Easter. Thinking about going to Mt. Olivet for service on Easter..check out all the hometown peeps. LOL!