Sunday, August 16, 2009

Assault With A Deadly Weapon! (Scissors)

Okay, so I'm having a hair crisis right now!! I'm realizing just how much of my hair the stylist cut last month!!! Every time I try to style it in my original hair style, I'm realizing it won't GO in that style because the HAIR isn't there anymore!!! She cut a whole bunch of layers in my hair,(especially on top) which was NOT what I wanted at all! I planned to still wear my hair straight sometimes, but I'm not even sure how this style would look straightened.

I wish I had taken my OWN advice, which is NEVER GET YOUR HAIR CUT WHEN IT'S WET!!! It's fine for relaxed hair, because relaxed hair is still straight when it's wet, but my hair shrinks up RIDICULOUSLY when it's wet, so as a result, I got SCALPED when I only wanted a trim!

I'm having a bad hair day, ladies..... LOL, so I'm posting these inspirational pics to console and inspire myself, and hopefully YOU as well. (I'm being overly-dramatic, I know!!)

Have a great day!!

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