Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hey Coily Girls!! Happy July!!!  I've been very busy with end of school activities and I'm also teaching summer school which began this week.  In addition, I have gone through a lot in the past few months emotionally, financially, and health-wise, which just hasn't had me in the mood to blog. Thankfully, the storm has passed, and I feel like myself again!

I just got a trim and color last week, and this is actually the best cut I think I've gotten. My regular girl was on vacation, so I got a much older stylist, and was reluctant at first. Turned out she did a much better job than my regular stylist. I told her I wanted to start going darker with my color, so she darkened my roots, and I love the result. I got a lot of compliments. Also, my hair has so much body after the cut she gave me. Not sure what she did differently, but my hair just lays better than it ever did.

Today, my bf and I are hitting the beach.  We will probably go to Wildwood.... haven't been there yet this year. I'm a Jersey Girl, so I grew up going to Seaside Heights (where Jersey Shore is taped), but that series has made "our beach" so trashy that I rarely go there anymore. Now all you see are fans and groupies of the show hanging out, and emulating the people on the show. Please.... lol.

I have a few pics..... I'll post them tomorrow, if I have time. Until then, enjoy your day!

I have my hair pinned up in the back with spin pins.


ChocolateOrchid said...

Glad you're doing well again. I totally understand. I think quite a few people, myself included, can relate.

Can't wait to see your pics!

Miss Moon the Brooklyn Geechee said...

Your hair is gorgeous as always!! Cannot wait to see the new pictures and like my girl C.O., I'm so happy to hear you're better!! :)