Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's been a minute since I've shared my hair routine with you guys.  I'm constantly changing it according to what I think my hair needs at the time. (Sometimes with disastrous results!) LOL.

Prepoo:  Olive Oil
             Cheap conditioner  (Suave coconut)

Co Wash:  Tresemme  Flawless Curls or Trade Joe Nourish
                 Add honey. Detangle with conditioner in with fingers or denman brush and under running shower water.

Deep Condition: Organics Hair Mayonnaise  (Weekly)

Twistouts:  12-15 twists while hair is wet. I use Organics Olive Oil Twist-Loc Gel, raw shea and coconut or olive oil.  Make sure hair is detangled well and ends are trimmed.

Nightly: Retwist hair, adding shea and oil as needed. I wet my hair every 2 days with steam or spritz bottle or with Greg's Juice or Daily Doctor. Sleep with satin cap or satin pillowcase.

Creams I use:  Curls Souffle', Organics (from time to time) and Carol's Daughter hair Milk.  (I don't care too much for the Carol's, but I'll use it in a pinch.)

Clarify:  Apple Cider Vinegar or Dr. Bronner's.  Once every few months. I have color in my hair, so I can't do it any more often.

That's IT!  I have a ton of other products that I experiment with, but these are my staple products that are tried and true.

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