Sunday, June 27, 2010

OMG... THE HEAT IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's another ridiculously humid day in Philly!!!!! Sorry I've been gone for a minute, but my last day of school was Monday, and I've been in temporary relaxation mode. Temporary because I'm teaching summer school, which starts tomorrow. :(

My bf and I have been hitting all kinds of outdoor music festivals! (Something I'm really into the summer, and fortunately, so is he!! LOL) So far we've gone to the B-Boy BBQ, and Odunde here in Philly, the Michael Jackson tribute in Newark, and the Carribbean Festival in DC. We are debating over whether we're going to Afro-Punk and the Fort Greene festivals in Brooklyn today. (Common and Mos Def will be at these!) It's looking unlikely because I go back to work tomorrow.

Anyway..... it's time for a color and trim, and I'm once again on the fence about whether to go black or keep the color. More than likely, I'll stay light for the summer. I can't help it.... you coily girls with black hair keep making me want to change mind! I miss the sheen I had with my black hair!

OK.... my bf is giving me the signal that he's ready to get out of here, so I will catch you later!


ChocolateOrchid said...

I am so lovin' your hair! Especially in the top pic. Lovely accessory.

OMB said...

Yes Lord, its hot and humid!!!! My hair has been in a afro-puff. I can't stand my hair out in this heat. Your hair is looking great as usual. I like the light color on you, especially for the summer. Maybe you can try it black for your back to school style. Keep cool this summer :O)

Tina aka Beanie said...

Hey Robs! All those festivals sound good! I need to get my ass divorce was final Monday..LOL! FREEEE!! bwhahahaha!

Curlychronicles said...

I feel like dying my hair but I tend to punk out..maybe a temporary something.. maybe I'll try henna one day..I get bored with the color sometimes.. maybe I'll just do lemon juice and call it a day! your color is sooo cute!

. said...

i love ur natural hair im natural too! rite now im doing protective styles so i wont keep messing with my hair while its growing!!! please come check out and follow my blog and ill return the favor!!