Friday, July 17, 2009

Hey Coily Girls!!!
Update! Update! I got my hair done yesterday! I went to a place called "Au Naturel" here in Philly. I got a much-needed trim, a color, and a twistout. I love the color. I stayed "light", but got a deeper brown called "tobacco". My last color was kind of brassy, so I like this much better.

On the downside, I feel BALDHEADED. Granted, I needed this trim desperately. My hair hasn't seen scissors since May 2008. I won't know whether or not I like my hair until I wash it. Right now my hair still feels plastered to my head like a grease monkey from all the shea butter and oil the girl used.

For some reason, it's sooo much harder for me to trim my hair now that I'm natural. I don't trust people at all to give me a cut I like! Especially when they say they want to cut my hair wet, as this stylist did. Well..... there's not much I can do about it now. I will post pics as soon as I wash my hair. Have a great weekend!

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svrbrownsuga said...

Thats one thing I miss about Philly the natural salons..I'm sure there are some in the city..I have to do my research :D. cant wait to see pics!